Prefer a high-end build with mechanical shifting? Bremsen Shimano DURA-ACE hydraulisch mit SM-RT800-Rotor 160/140 mm You may ask how I can be certain of that when I don’t have my own wind-tunnel. Wird verwendet, um OpenStreetMap-Inhalte zu entsperren. Im Gegensatz zur schwergängigeren Campagnolo Super Record-Schaltgruppe genügt ein Finger zum Gangwechsel. Image 1 of 30. We would even go as far as saying that Cannondale has far exceeded expectations. Cannondale's updated EVO gets tested on the roads of Vermont GBP £5,499.00 RRP | USD $7,200.00 Skip to view deals Je schneller man wird, umso mehr ist das Cannondale in seinem Element und vermittelt hier ein sehr hohes Maß an Vertrauen. More than that, we even get to ride dirt roads. The bicycle industry is in general agreement that dropped seatstays are not only good for comfort, but help with aerodynamics, too. • Want more in-depth reviews of the latest bikes and must-have kit? Die Fahrposition ist sportlich und kompakt. Split headset spacers allow for relatively easy bar height adjustments. Remember that Scott’s original Foil is largely credited with incorporating flat-backed aero tube profiles on road bikes, way back in 2010 (Scott has now basically turned that old Foil into the new Addict). Während sich das solide Kletterverhalten im Mittelfeld der Test-Bikes befindet, zeigt sich das Cannondale ausgesprochen effizient in der Ebene und generiert auch in der Abfahrt viel Speed. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Disc Dura Ace im Test. Seine enorme Laufruhe bei höheren Geschwindigkeiten vermittelt viel Vertrauen, womit sich das Bike bestens für ambitionierte Fahrer eignet, die auch über längere Passagen eine sportliche Sitzposition halten können. © Epic Cycles Ltd. Die Sitzposition ist sportlich kompakt. The Cannondale SuperSix EVOCarbon Disc 105 comes with a mechanical Shimano 105 groupset and Fulcrum Racing 900 aluminum clincher wheels. The SuperSix Evo assuredly hit all its marks, though, with a stable and precise demeanour. “The fact is: Both the shape and the design language of the new SuperSix EVO are very pleasing! There’s little doubt that the Cannondale SuperSix EvoCarbon Disc Ultegra will be lovely to ride. There’s also the issue of the tested speed. Basically, it feels very similar to the old bike which is a good thing. Photo: Cannondale. The scalloped rear section of the proprietary seatpost should theoretically enhance rider comfort on rough roads. “Without wanting to prolong the agony of finding out if the heir to the throne is as good as the incumbent version, the good news is the new SuperSix EVO is good. I’ll come right out and say it: I don’t think the new SuperSix Evo is as comfortable as the older generation. In fairness to Cannondale, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious upcharge just for the hardware itself on equipped models, and in comparison to buying something aftermarket, it’s a small price to pay for dual-sided power meter data from a reputable manufacturer. And so in a move that should surprise no one, the new third-generation SuperSix Evo finally adds an aero component to the formula, with new truncated airfoil tube shapes that supposedly generate up to 30% less drag than the old bike’s rounded tubes. It’s an inevitable fact of life. SWIFT AND SURE – Racy geometry and stiffness for explosive speed. It’s stiff too, I can’t detect any flex at all. So we can keep doing this to the best of our ability, please join our mission by becoming a member. The ride quality was impressively composed over the shattered pavement and wheel-swallowing potholes, too, even with 25mm tires (27mm measured width) inflated to my preferred 70-75psi pressures. Entfernen Sie in der Tat alle Abstandshalter, und der Sattel auf Höhe (mit einer Sattelhöhe von 79 cm) wird sehr aggressiv. Weight-wise, Cannondale claims that the top-end Hi-Mod Disc version tips the scales at 866g for a painted 56cm sample, plus another 389g for the matching fork, cut to fit. As such, any gains in that department are still noteworthy, at least assuming you’re interested in going faster with the same effort, or saving energy while moving at the same speed. Like CyclingTips? Image 1 of 30. Meinen Namen, E-Mail und Website in diesem Browser speichern, bis ich wieder kommentiere. First and most obvious is the proven aerodynamic benefit, but also it lends itself ideally to wider tyres, for which the frame has clearance for 30-32mm depending on the tyre brand. The seat tube necks down in depth down by the bottom bracket. Whereas standard thru-axles need to be pulled completely out of the frame in order to remove the wheel, SpeedRelease pairs a specially necked-down axle with a matching slot in one dropout. Down below is a PF30a press-fit bottom bracket shell, whether you like it or not. Here the bike shines with its composed character and low crosswind susceptibility…If you’re looking for an aerodynamically efficient all-rounder, Cannondale’s iconic racer is a very exciting, stylish option.”. Photo: Cannondale. )↩, … oder kurz: Fahrradfahren. Excellent directional stability and low crosswind susceptibility make for a composed ride and inspire tons of confidence. Sorry, folks, the new SuperSix Evo now has a sloping top tube. Das Aussehen der neuen SuperSix-Plattform wird dominiert durch den Komfort, der die Sitzstreben erhöht, das integrierte zweiteilige Hollowgram SAVE System-Cockpit, das organisch geformte Rohrset mit abgeschnittenen Tragflächenprofilen und das minimale Branding. The cable routing seems rather clumsy, though. Something I really liked about the HollowGram cockpit is that it performs like a one-piece design but it is actually two separate pieces, which means that the bars and stem can be adjusted independently. I can’t decide. Dabei sollte das Rad über praktikable Detaillösungen verfügen: integrierte Schutzbleche / Schutzbechmontagemöglichkeiten, Gepäckträger / Anschraubpunkte für Gepäck und eine Lichtanlage bzw. There’s a caveat to the routing, though. Thanks! Einen Überblick über diesen Vergleichstest erhaltet ihr hier: Das beste Rennrad 2020 – 13 hochkarätige Rennräder im Vergleichstest. Internal cable routing makes for a sleek front end. Es besteht eine wirklich gute Chance, dass dieser Beitrag Partnerlinks enthält. The availability of specific models will vary depending on region, but Cannondale says that, in general, bikes should be in stock at dealers immediately. If you would like more information on anything at all please enter your details and a message below, and we will email or ring you back – or alternatively please call our Sales Office on 01584 705042. It’s a different world today and, thanks to a complete redesign, Cannondale’s latest SuperSix Evo is a very different bike. So speculate all you’d like, but it seems unlikely that a company like Cannondale would intentionally copy the appearance of a direct competitor just for the sake of mimicking its appearance. ‘Even at just 15kmh aero drag equates to 50% of the total resistance we experience on a bike, so losing the traditional shape was a very worthwhile sacrifice in terms of performance,’ Barry says. His yaw-weighted drag model also suggests a 9-watt improvement on Specialized’s latest Tarmac and a whopping 40 watt saving over Trek’s Émonda, although I can’t verify those claims. Einen Widerrufslink und mehr Informationen zu Cookies finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Cannondale first introduced this concept on its SystemSix aero road bike last year, and apparently the program went well enough that the company felt it was a good idea to expand it further. Buy the Cannondale SuperSix Evo from Tredz now for £6,499.99. Natürlich überzeugt auch die restliche Ausstattung des 28" Bikes. Wird verwendet, um Vimeo-Inhalte zu entsperren. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. An increasing number of companies seem to be casting doubt on that philosophy, though, Cannondale included. There’s no hidden upcharge for the neat SpeedRelease thru-axles used at both ends of bikes with disc brakes, though. Ribble Ultra TT is fast, competitive with higher end brands & takes Ribble another step away, All you need to know about the new Wilier Filante SLR aero road bike, Eye-catching, steel-framed, multi-terrain adventure weapon, The Spanish ProConti team's De Rosa Protos bikes are available to buy for less than half price, Race will not return until 2022 due to continuing uncertainty surrounding Covid crisis. Hey, alles glänzt, so schön neu: Das Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Dura Ace wurde einmal komplett überarbeitet und tritt nun mit mechanischer Schaltung und Wattmesser in diesem Vergleichstest an. As the rain poured we had a 10-mile stretch of rolling road to get to our pre-destined, mid-ride coffee stop, so it was full on chaingang time, taking pulls on the front and rotating to drive the pace. Tel: 01584 705042. Damit Sie unsere Seite vollständig nutzen können, sind Cookies erforderlich. Im Test: Cannondale Supersix Evo hi-mod Black Inc. 2018 Traumrad im Test: Cannondale Super Six Evo hi-mod Black Inc. 2018. Want to pretend you’re Thomas Voeckler? Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive content, deals & events. However, when you dig deeper you realise that this is no cookie cutter copy and that all the changes are for very good reasons. All rights reserved. It didn’t have quite the same flighty, dancy feel when out of the saddle as the previous top of the range EVO, which could be a bit of rose-tinted memory from me, but I’ll need to get the new bike back on home soil and familiar roads to really find out. The super-wide 32mm rim profile works on two levels. This bike is fast. Similarly equipped, the Roadmachine and Emonda would still be slower, but not as dramatically so, and this third-gen SuperSix Evo would basically fall right on top of the current Tarmac SL6 and R5. Buy the Cannondale SuperSix Evo from Tredz now for £6,499.99. Impressum. That’s hardly bad company, mind you, but perhaps not the major gap that Cannondale’s marketing materials might have you believe. Tickets available here. Both started as light-and-stiff carbon road racers with rounded tubes that prioritized structural efficiency. Wheelset Hollow 45 SL KNØT It’s worth noting that this was while running 25mm Vittoria tyres too. On this new third-generation SuperSix Evo, Cannondale wants riders of every height to have the same handling experience. On this new third-generation SuperSix Evo, Cannondale wants riders of every height to have the same handling experience. We normally operate on an appointment basis for physical sales visits, but for now and concentrating entirely on remote selling, from initial enquiry right through to home delivery – however, we are able to offer safe undercover outdoor collection. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod Dura Ace first ride review. We’re not the only ones who love this bike though – read on for some more reviews of the brilliant new SuperSix Evo. __widgetsettings, local_storage_support_test. More to the point, is the SuperSix Evo faster than the old bike?