Why not join our private Facebook group and bounce around some ideas in there? Full time Community Radio at it’s best. The first key is to make sure that the podcast name means something – gives your potential listener a glimpse into what your show is about. Good luck with choosing the name of your new radio station. The Evening ExperienceThe HangoverThe Large OneThe ExtravaganzaJukebox JamsMorning MayhemRadio TakeoverThat Radio ShowI PlayRhythm RadioReal Time RadioYour ShowAll Access ShowMy TunesThe Daily DoseThe PlayhouseMid Morning MadnessThe Ace ShowHouse Party. Can I use the word “FM” if I’m just an internet radio? It’s a very actionable guide. I got to do a radio show in my school nd I was thing to name it ‘global mania’…. But when you’re by yourself, you don’t fear criticism. Radio stations in United States have evolved since their early twentieth century origins. and i have sweet voice also. Podcast have been doing very well in recent years. With the new wave of podcasting and high tech vehicles, perhaps radio stations will move away from that way of cataloging. Don’t only make your choice personal, but also make it practical. Some sing it, a station comes on and says “we are but our friends call us “. Here is a list of names for news programs: Of course, music programs are the favorites of the radio. You can opt out at any time. When you select the name run it past some family and friends. we are called Texican Radio and yes we are from Texas.We play a mix of Tejano,Country, Rock, R&B, and anything else our listeners want to here .any suggestions. If for example you are called Electro Jungle – your imaging could be a mixture of electronic music and jungle sounds. What If My Name Is In Use? What do u think how it is? You will never please all. They are overused. Good choice Mary. When it sounds good, people are more willing to use it. Thank you…, Your email address will not be published. Discover classical music and find out more about the best classical composers, musicians and their works. FM: 106.6 MHz: Two Lochs Radio. ©2020 FM / Radio Lineup is your guide to local radio stations across the United States. I agree with Isabella, who needs Call Letters! That’s 2:0 now btw Mike . Wilcox, D. (2010). What makes the name of your radio station strong. Morning Show (Breakfast radio) is one of the most important and most listened to time slots on the radio. Learn more about this technique, – it’s very useful. . Filpp, C. (2010). In reality it requires thought, creativity and the knowledge of knowing where you’re going. https://www.facebook.com/groups/musicradiocreative, The Best Podcast Hosting Services Compared. You can opt out at any time. I did all that in the military. FTC or CRTC (or related) depending on USA or Canada.