The comments below have been moderated in advance. Not the olive oil and red wine Mediterranean diet so popular on the Continent, but a striking weight-loss programme that has been taking the country by storm. Your body become excellent. And the supper will consist of a low-fat ham or sausage. You will instantly receive your expertly calculated true weight, when you can expect to reach it and a clear outline of how many days you should spend on the four different stages of the Dukan Diet. This diet is not a complex one but like any other diet limits the intake of salt, sugar, alcohol, and soda. 'I told him to eat nothing but protein and drink only water for five days, and when he came back he asked if he could use my scales because his appeared to be broken,' he says. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Submitted On December 20, 2008. Frenchwomen always were considered as the standard of style, feminity and charm. The dinner consists of two eggs, sheet salad and a tomato. It may sound similar to Atkins, but the Dukan Diet is very different. 'Yes, the most motivated ones may manage to lose weight, but all or almost all of them will eventually put it back on.'. The supper menu includes a ham or boiled sausage without fat and sheet salad. For a breakfast eat one сухарик and wash down with black coffee. This is the list for two weeks: 1st Week Monday Platinum Author It starts with a dramatic and rapid weight loss, and leads on into a structured, but simple long-term, real-food regime that ensures you never regain the weight you've lost. Think of Africa, think of exotic vacation destination! Ounce for ounce, proteins are relatively low in calories (compared to fats and many carbohydrates) and their complex structure means they are hard work for the body to digest - you will burn up more calories processing proteins than any other food. 'By sticking to protein one day a week, you can lose 1.5lb to 2lb instantly and, in so doing, correct any excess that may have occurred during the rest of the week,' says Dr Dukan. So french diet will be great to loss weight if you choose it. Dinner - a small piece of boiled meat. For a breakfast it is possible to drink only black coffee. It is also great for heart health and eases constipation (which can affect people in the early stages of the diet). Lunch - two boiled eggs, carrot salad made of 2 big carrots and mixed with one teaspoon of olive oil, a tomato. Breakfast - a cup of tea. The patient stuck to the plan and went on to lose another 6lb over the next five days. Because it is extremely effective, this first stage of the diet produces obvious and immediate results - many people can expect to lose as much as 7lb in just five days. During the first two weeks before the surgery it is recommended that the patient switch over to a liquid and soft food diet. This lies at the heart of the great French slenderness secret. Lunch - 150 g of boiled fish, a tomato. Have you ever wondered why most French women appear to be so effortlessly chic and slender, whatever their age? The dinner consists of a slice of boiled meat. You can dip your toe in the attack phase for as little as one day or stick with it for as many as ten days, but if your true weight is two or three stone away, then five days produces the best results. Use at your own risk. c. 2010 Dr Pierre Dukan. Protein-based: It may sound similar to Atkins, but the Dukan Diet is very different. ' Lunch - small piece of boiled meat, fruit. Is alcohol allowed on this diet? The French eat and dr ink wi th gusto and abandon, enjoying every morsel of their food, but now many of them atone for their enjoyment with one small sacrifice: eating only protein on Thursdays. The supper will consist of 2 eggs, low-fat sausage, sheet salad. And a supper — a ham or boiled sausage without fat and sheet salad. He purports to have huge respect for Atkins but, as a doctor, refuses to believe that unlimited fat in the diet can be healthy. It acknowledges the innate pleasure to be had from eating and, incredibly, promises efficient weight loss while eating unlimited quantities of real food. Lunch - carrots fried in vegetable oil, a tomato, a mandarin or an orange. For a breakfast eat the grated carrots filled with a lemon juice. Dinner - fruit salad made of any fruits and low-fat organic yogurt. TOMORROW: DELICIOUS RECIPES TO LAUNCH YOU INTO THE FIRST TWO STAGES OF THE DUKAN DIET. 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Having stormed France, the diet has taken off in other parts of the world, and now, for the first time, he outlines the principles of his innovative slimming plan for the English-speaking market. For more information on this carefully designed and widely regarded programs can also be found at: [], Article Source: The twelfth day - as the fifth. Today, more than 1.5 million French women swear by its dramatic - and long-lasting - slimming results., Health and Fitness: Popular-Diets This isn't necessarily the weight you'd most like to be or even a size you have been. By Louise Atkinson Updated: 07:58 EST, 14 April 2011. If you have around a stone to lose, two or three days on attack works well; if you are looking to slim down only by 7lb, a single day in the attack phase (where you'd be expected to lose 2lb instantly) is often enough to get you started. The ultimate diet:The French have kept it a secret for years. For a dinner it is possible to eat carrots, fried on vegetable oil, a tomato, a tangerine or an orange. One of the first keys to successful weight loss is establishing a target weight that is right for your body and that you can maintain effortlessly for the rest of your life. To repeat a french diet it is possible time in half a year. 'The idea of protein Thursday has taken off in France to such an extent that if I find myself in a restaurant with my family on a Thursday, I very often hear other customers around me asking for their fish or meat to be served straight, without vegetables or salad. There are many reasons why visitors visit Africa every day from different parts of the world. Dinner - a small piece of ham or boiled low-fat sausage, carrot salad. No. Weight will fall off at a rate of around 2lb a week, but you should be healthy and happy. The ninth day - as the second. Dinner: 1 eggs, fresh carrots and cheese. This is carefully designed to control a body that, stripped of its reserves through weight loss, would be bent on revenge. I am on day four and I am very discouraged. You can start a meal with a salad or soup, followed by a meat or fish dish gently stewed with flavoursome and fragrant vegetables. So french diet will be great to loss weight if you choose it. ', Only one woman in four is happy with her weight and one in five is on a diet. Unlike so many other diet fads that have come and gone, this plan is designed to get inside the head of the inveterate dieter. A short-term, protein-rich regime like this will purge the tissues of excess water, dull the appetite (if you eat only protein foods, your body produces ketonic cells that are powerful natural appetite suppressants) while maintaining muscle tone and skin glow. The nutrition plan (menu) of the French diet calculated on two weeks. The Dukan Diet starts with a short, sharp attack phase where you eat absolutely nothing but protein - just meat, fish, eggs and non-fat dairy products. Politicians, film stars and high-profile models, including Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez, live the Dukan life, all of them seduced by its promise of the ultimate dieters dream - permanent slenderness while eating what you like. Lunch - boiled chicken without skin, carrot salad. Many diets will help you lose weight, but most, he says, leave you stranded and alone when the pounds inevitably start to re-appear. Now the protein rich Dukan Diet is coming to Britain ... weeks after giving birth to daughter Rue Rose Can I continue the diet after the first week is over? If you practice the diet properly, it will help you lose up to 11 kg in only 2 weeks. And, with a wide choice of unlimited meat and vegetable options to chose from, you will definitely not be hungry. Menu can't be changed because only this sequence of foods will normalize and speed up metabolism. Dinner - two boiled eggs, low-fat sausage, carrot salad. And while I always thought that a gluten-free diet was equivalent to a death sentence for people like me, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed living with a dietary restriction. The second day: ... Green, Paul J. This helps you feel full and satisfied. Two Weeks Prior to Surgery. This is the kick-start that gives you the initial impetus, the dramatic weight loss, and sets the tone for the other diets in the Dukan plan. Now this great French dietary secret is coming to Britain, with the launch next month of an English version of the Dukan Diet. Lunch - one boiled egg, 2 fresh carrots, 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese. Don’t get me wrong though—my decision to go gluten-free for two weeks … The nutrition plan (menu) of the French diet calculated on two weeks. The Dukan Diet is, in fact, four very different eating programmes that each follow on from the other. Instead, Dr Dukan came up with an innovative phase of the diet that gradually reintroduces, in successive layers, the basic elements of healthy eating. For a breakfast black coffee and cracker. Bonjour et Bienvenue! The dinner includes a boiled hen and sheet salad. Then take a break for a few days and continue again for another two weeks if you want. This is the workhorse stage of the diet where you alternate pure protein days with days when you include a delicious array of unlimited vegetables to your wide selection of meat, fish and non-fat dairy products. For a supper it is possible to eat a slice of low-fat boiled meat and sheet salad.