I have been carrying the Flash II today & its just made me appreciate the Blur so much more. Primarily that tension clip looping out at the bottom of the handle. Personally I don’t mind them but Elise has a real dislike for how derivative their work has become of late & in terms of pop culture they are definitely used as a derogatory example for something tired or cliche. View cart for details. Wharncliffe blades in general just look silly to me. The Blur wouldn’t be my first choice to pry with (the Recon 1 would be better in my opinion – if I had to be prying with a knife that is), but it’s still very much viable for rougher tasks. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. The tanto is ground with a very lean (shockingly so, actually) hollow grind. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. I don’t really have a favourite lock, but gun to my head, I would confidently say that a well made nested liner is as close to perfection as it gets for me. We use cookies to make your experience better. Ken Onion has designed many of the SpeedSafe assisted opening knives produced by Kershaw such as the Chive, Leek, Scallion and Shallot, all of which were cleverly named after various onions. But that defeats the purpose a little bit). It just has a little wrinkle going down the side, which I like. No fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here! Ken Onion is one of the most well-known knifemakers in the industry. I guess this is where the Field Strip technology comes in handy, because it makes it a lot easier to replace lower quality parts like the washers. Please try your search again later. All feature 13C26 stainless-steel blades for strength and corrosion resistance. Had a bunch of folders in my life (and I’m an old dude) and the Blur is my favorite, hands down. Onion designed a really solid run of small slicers for Kershaw a while back, all of which feature Kershaw’s Onion-designed SpeedSafe Assisted Open system. no ,after tat knife i look for other knife like spyderco domino drop point n plain blade easy to sharpen. The big hitters seem to be stuff like the first Hi Jinx and the Chive. WALK-IN WARRANTY TEMPORARILY CLOSED. For instance, you can get this with a liner lock instead of a frame lock. There are a couple small differences. The only thing I don’t really like about the Chive is the 2 inch blade. However, I would like an EDC that is a bit beefier. I’ve had three Blurs, the first was appropriated by someone who evidently felt they needed it more than me, the second I left on the toilet paper dispenser in the local Wally World (you’re welcome, whoever got it, and yeah, I felt like an idiot) and the third one I’ve had for seven or eight years now. Welcome to the blog & thanks for leaving a comment! It’s even kept me entertained in the deer stand just opening and closing it one handed. Maybe it will complicate sharpening a little, but that little bit of wave on the edge can add so much cutting ability when the blade is made well. It feels like a premium knife with the parts fitting flawlessly and its perfect centering. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR COVID-19 RESPONSE. Buy Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Assisted Flippers, The Kershaw Leek assisted opening pocket knives are among the most popular in the world. Kershaw states high quality. Also, they don’t talk about this much in most descriptions, but it makes it a lot easier to clean grime out from inside the knife. It looks neat if it’s your thing, and there’s nothing wrong with a stainless steel body and framelock. It would be a great letter opener too, but on the whole I think you just get this knife to be a little different. I think the Blur is pretty perfect, although check out the Volt too (I reviewed it) its a flipper like the leek and very tough. My suspicion, just from looking at pictures, is that it’s no more than three-quarters, but if we’ve learned anything from knives like the Morakniv stuff, it’s that three-quarters tang is plenty. It’s cleaned all kinds of critters and fish, cut rope, tape, briars and vines, dug stuff out of the riverbank, whittled, debarked bow staves, and cleaned out from under my fingernails. Maybe someday I’ll stop being lazy and actually go outside to look for it. Just last week, while cutting an apple, the blade broke. Your email address will not be published. One of these days I will buy one and test it out! The Prowess is a little more of a typical EDC design. Unfortunately, in Germany laws prohibit carrying of one-handed knives. Touched it up on a leather belt and it was back to shaving hair. That being said, the older I get, and the more stiff my hands become, the more “Spyderhole” folders find their way into my collection. It’s a born and raised slicer with that long-curved edge that’s pretty typical of Ken Onion designs, and a high hollow grind. - Made in the USA. That’s a shame because this is a great outdoor/hunting design that looks pretty tough and comfortable. Copywriter with vague delusions of grandeur. He is a Blade Cutlery Hall of Fame member and his knives grace collections and pockets throughout the knife world. It has a long, smooth curve just asking to slice into something and a flowing aesthetic that makes you want to keep it clean. Ken Onion actually designed four versions of this knife (so far) with different blade styles and a somewhat lower grade 1.4116 steel: the standard one you see above, the EDC, the Tactical, and the Hunter. The Aus-8 blade with ti-nitride coating is a nice touch. The blade by itself looks nice enough to be on display, but the handle looks like they made the mold by having someone squeeze some putty then flattened it with a rolling pin. Please try again. It looks like a mostly standard knife with a somewhat more angular design and a little but of fancy etching in the titanium. This is a smaller blade with the Field Strip feature from the Homefront. I’m not crazy about the look of the Leek, but that’s my own thing. The Kershaw Blur’s balance point rests comfortably behind the pivot, and as a result, the knife feels very light and natural in hand.