Medlin: It was in pilot season, and I was not having a good time. By Kaila Braley | Aug 5, 2013. [The series was canceled in January as talks with studio Sony Pictures TV about cost-cutting options stalled; it was renewed in March.]. It was ambiguous, which I think is what they wanted. I have season 4 but haven't viewed it cause I thought the path the show was taking after season 3 didn't make sense. Suddenly he wants to get married again? No, he hadn't been shacked up with an old girlfriend in Minnesota, he informs her. We didn't use a crane shot from the roof that implied something entering Owen's body. What Should You Ask in Your Prayers and Why aren't They Always Answered, How keeping thoughts clean benefits the soul, What every man should know about success: Christian perspective. And the main issue I've had with this show is that they seem to be solidifying stereotypes that skinny and model types are superior--example being the shriek at the beginning of every opening credits screen where Deb finds out she's in Jane's plus sized body. Grayson fell for Deb cause of her looks. They are writing to sell a series ... not to be truthful. Should he get it? As the episode ended last night, Grayson and Gina were spending more time together, in what the show's devoted following can only believe is one more obstacle in the way of a reunion between Jane and Grayson. She's amazing! But I stayed in the middle, so I knew I would be happy either way. Jane and Owen need to be together; not Jane and Grayson. I have no idea where it will end whatsoever. He told me then what was going to happen, and I said, "OK, great.". Image: Wikipedia. I didn't let myself get attached to either direction. The comment section is beckoning you. Can you explain what that was? I mean, come on, the woman never loses! Because he "can't" commit to a marriage with potential sudden death hanging over his head. I live in the [San Fernando] Valley, and I had a 6:00 [p.m.] pilot audition. How many times does one girl deal with getting dumped by the same man? But in typical Diva fashion, things happen you don't expect. What do you think of Jane's decision about Owen? The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. I don't want to give anything away, but the love triangle [Jane-Owen-Grayson] keeps developing. Jane asked if it was really him as he just showed up at her office without a warning call. He is a gigantic jerk with a huge ego, and I'm pretty sure he'd meet the DSM IV TR criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He certainly does NOT deserve Jane, and I would hate to see her settle for him. I'm not sure why there are so many people who think someone that is SO reluctant to mary you, is a healthy relationship. Owen has had a heart condition, unbeknownst to Jane and when it got serious enough to get it nailed down and potentially treated, he chose to hide it from Jane and say he was off with a friend on a short holiday. I think he is completely confused. THR: When Jane and Owen finally get to talk, he says, "I loved you so much." Medlin: I truly don't want to give anything away. He's absolutely still in love with her legal mind. The pair co-chaired a situation with a grief stricken client that had Grayson expressing raw emotions about the loss of Deb. When Grayson and Jane solved the problem for their client, he told Jane that her tenacity and never give up attitude is what makes her a great lawyer and advocate for her clients. The latest episode of Drop Dead Diva, "Crushed", ended with the possibility of two important men in the show leaving for good. They find incriminating evidence that he has fled to Minnesota to be with an ex-girlfriend. Read: Owen gone for good? It's not afraid to go into any direction you might not believe. What I saw up til that time .. he was perfect for Jane but that story line will not sell to the women of the world. The storyline in the recent episodes of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva have gotten a little insane. But we didn’t end up using that shot. How weak and uncommitted can that man be when he doesn't trust the woman he professes to love with his medical history? Owen and Luke the guardian angel. I didn’t always behave with the most maturity, unfortunately, but I came out on the other side. The actor portrays Owen on the Lifetime TV series, and in last season's finale, it appeared that Old Jane had returned to Earth in his body following Owen's heart attack after witnessing his fiancée, New Jane (Brooke Elliott), kissing Grayson (Jackson Hurst) on their wedding day. Kimberly Nordyke, Lex Medlin Drop Dead Diva Episodic - H 2013. Remember the first season? Il était sur le point de se marier avec Jane Bingum mais juste avant la cérémonie, il a surpris sa future épouse embrassant Grayson Kent. Update: Owen was seen in scenes from the next episode coming August 5 begging for mercy. And that was a lame cover on the writers part, if someone were to have a heart attack and go into a coma, then the hospital would contact SOMEONE in his family; even his work place would have had some response to one of their judges just dissapearing for a month, he couldn't have taken all that time off since he didn't know he was going to have a heart attack, and since he was so close with his sister, I don't see why she wouldn't have tried to get in contact with him. I'd had one in the morning, and another one at Sony. Sitemap | Gina is a lawyer and one of Parker's old law school buddies and she's got a lot of spare cash. | Cookie Settings. Keep up to date with the latest news and developments in real estate. The condition is still delicate and Owen used the infamous phrase, "Jane, we've got to talk.". Grayson has shown time and time again that he is shallow enough to only want a woman for her looks. She does and refuses to accept Owen's dumping. Producers of the show hinted about that prior to the season's premiere. THR: Owen wasn't in this episode very much. With the exception of Jane -- Brooke is there all the time, she's the hardest-working woman in show business -- some episodes are heavier or lighter for everyone. Jane Bingum told off angel Luke for pushing her in the direction of Owen rather than letting her linger around Grayson, and now she is a dumped Diva. The idea of getting on the 405 to spend two hours to go to another pilot audition and then get back in my car and drive back home on the 405 was daunting. Do I Have to Do a Ton of Work to Sell My House? And they said, "No, you should probably go," and I said, "No, I probably shouldn't. Medlin: When I first signed on to the show, before he and Jane were a couple, he would go to Jane's courtroom just to watch her work. Owen disparaît après sa crise cardiaque. That was my little safety mechanism. Last night during "Ashes to Ashes" we saw Owen return only to dump her again. Obviously he does want to have the conversation, but he doesn't want to right then. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. So somebody leaked the news [of the renewal], and somebody sent me a link or something, and the next thing I know, my people called me and said, "Yeah, this is breaking." Her transformation is amazing, and we have seen the same in Stacy. Sadly, Grayson is still stuck in his blinded world of judging a woman by her looks and her weight. That will really give an idea of where he is at emotionally and mentally. I think he can't just make that go away. EXCLUSIVE: 'Drop Dead Diva' Bulks Up on Guest Stars. But I also knew the show might not go that way. But where he is, he is utterly heartbroken. While Owen and Jane might be over, the disappearance just seems over the top. I don't want to say anything I'm going to regret." I am going to get my wife and kids and have a giant celebratory dinner and see what you can confirm so I don't have to get on the 405." Actually, at the end of episode three, I have a teeny little monologue that I say to Jane that sums up where he's at. The thing he said at the end was, "I can't have this conversation. UPDATE---August 12, 2012----In last night's episode viewers see how Jane and Owen go back to business as usual as does Grayson. All we want is for her to be happy but not with someone who has one foot out, then one foot in. Finally in love with someone other than Grayson, Jane has been humiliated in public and ls forced to live with another broken heart. Isn't it a bit weird that Jane and Stacy never discuss her size any longer? He keeps things from her. But you gotta let me know either way." Honestly people... as are you about Owen's ability to "go the distance" with Jane and his commitment. I never want to give anything away; I truly want everyone to have the experience with this show that I do when I get the scripts. Viewers had to ask, "Is this the moment Jane and Grayson finally choose each other?" All rights reserved. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. He is walking by and then he entered court. Owen est un juge très amical, drôle et qui aime faire des fêtes dans son bureau. Jane tries to help Stacy serach for a sperm donor in Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. I hope that Jane and Owen end up together. STORY: 'Drop Dead Diva' Casts Heartthrob as New Angel. THR: Where were you when you found out Drop Dead Diva had been revived by Lifetime? Booooo! The actor also talks to THR about a big moment coming up in the series and shares his reaction to the news that the show had been brought back from cancellation. Medlin: The next one is a little light too, but in episodes three, four and five, I'm very heavily in. Jane never warmed to Luke and neither have fans of the show. I've gotten surprised a couple of times: "That's what we're doing? It turned out pretty good. She stalked out of her office after she agreed to speak with him at length that night at her apartment. Drop Dead Diva (TV Series 2009–2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. PHOTOS: Life After the Finale: 17 TV Shows Brought Back From the Dead.