Snag it, then look for a ladder to the left and make your way down. Look left and you’ll see a room on the far left containing a History Relic. For Mad Max on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I dont get any scrap from my camps". Once you get this, head back to the lower part of the camp, and look for a fuel can alongside the east wall. Scarps added by ally camps used to be somewhere above 300, now it's 139 the last few times for some reason. Go up and make your way right. Grab the fuel can you spotted earlier and take out the oil pump right in the middle of everything, and pick up the scrap it leaves behind. You'll spin around and see another door to the east that you can kick down. Once it’s destroyed, go through the doorway and take out the thug waiting there. Go up two flights, then take a turn around the corner and fill up your canteen with the nearby water source. Afterwards, use a level six harpoon to take down the main gate. Continue along this path on the right and you will walk onto a ramp. While you're in this first room, keep an eye out for scrap on the ground (just to your right) as well as a water source. Keep a close eye for enemies coming at you from behind while focusing on his attacks, so you can dodge and counter as necessary. Slither through and you'll find another Scrotus Insignia to destroy. It's in the space between the container and the destroyed Transfer Tanks. In addition, you'll also see another Scrotus Insignia hanging right above. This takes you to the camp’s Top Dog, and you must defeat him to achieve 100 percent completion on this camp. Inside, stick close to the right wall, which should take you into a nearby room, where you'll find a piece of scrap, a Scrotus Insignia, and a water source to fill up your canteen. Fill up, then head down and make your way east. XD. Walk to the end to find scrap and a Scrotus Insignia. Defeat them, then move towards the structure to your southwest, and look inside to find some scrap, as well as a Scrotus Insignia on the other end. Once the flames are out of the way, use your harpoon (again, level six) or some Thunderpoons, and take care of the gate. Once you’re done, hit the zipline to your right, as this will take you back to a familiar area. No exit the room, set the tank on fire and hurl it towards the oil pump for 100 percent completion in this camp. Take one of the fuel cans and blast the door that will be to your north hand side. There’s some ammo as well, so make sure you pick that up. You'll have a lot of outer defenses to deal with here, including a pair of snipers and a quartet of Thunderpoon Launchers. From there, you'll be able to ram your way inside with ease. You know what to do – eliminate the Crier first (to avoid reinforcements, then take out the remaining thugs. There will be a ladder a ways down, but be sure to take a walkway to your left first, where there's a water source to fill your canteen with. the further you go into the camp the crazier they get at hiding the stuff. Go over it and stay to your left, keeping close to the right wall so you don’t fall off. Make your way back to where you were before and look to your west, where you can find a door to go through. Stop by the southwest as well and pick up some more ammo here. Go behind the oil pump and pan the camera northeast. Go upstairs (to your left) and you'll locate a History Relic for your collection. One more flight of stairs awaits, so go up it and look for the final scrap pile at the top. Keep going down that path, to the left, and you'll see some scrap hanging on a nearby fence. Move to the next room beyond that and you'll find a water source to refill your canteen, and some scrap to its left.