Make it a priority to learn the different mobility equipment types, the verbiage to use (for example, use full-time wheelchair user versus confined wheelchair user – the latter can be offensive to some). I think it’s a common thing. The idea of an immunity “certificate” or “passport” has come under fire from the World Health Organization, which, Even if people who recovered from COVID-19, For others, the biggest red flag may be around the ethics of it all: In systems that espouse equality, what would our world look like if people were so clearly split into immune and not-immune groups? Get accessibility training, tips and information  ATS provides information on how best to serve this clientele. They could also allow some people to travel, with restrictions. But at, our goal is to help you simplify long-distance travel so that you get to your destination free of any travel-related snafus. Find your niche and sell an experience4. One company, London-based Onfido, submitted a proposal to the U.K. government in early May, and says they are now in the “brainstorming” state. If Grandpa moves at a slower pace or has a disability, the whole group or family needs an accessible vacation. Become a salesman…but inspire trust. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recognizes the critical role that public transportation plays in the lives of many people and mandates that public transportation systems become accessible to people with disabilities. Immunity passports use antibody testing to establish antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2, which indicate the subject has fended off the coronavirus, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 3. ACTA will kick off its virtual Travel Industry Summit tomorrow, Nov. 12. As more and more Baby Boomers with disabilities are retiring, they want to travel and they are willing to spend the money to do so. Who benefits from travel training programs? And, you get commissions on the entire group. Specialize2. temperature checks prior to letting passengers on airplanes, and visitors to most countries are expected to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. News on a COVID-19 vaccine, and consumer demand increases for air travel, brought a good start to the week. 1. Members of NASET, please log in above (member login and password) to activate these, and all other websites, in our database. Find a reliable, global accessible tour operator A good accessible tour operator will handle all aspects of the process for you. Let’s dive in. 'Veterans are really called to entrepreneurship. Thus, both the ADA and the IDEA provide individuals with disabilities, their families, school systems, service providers, community agencies, and transit systems with compelling incentives to work together to ensure that individuals with disabilities learn how to use accessible transportation. On a practical level, just how a “passport” works depends on the company and country. How Safe Is Flying During the COVID-19 Pandemic? As with regular passports, that system could also see an influx of fake, stolen, and hacked passports, Robert West, a professor of health psychology at University College London, told Wired. Maintain a high standard of quality5. Through the ChSNC ® program, you’ll augment your current financial and interpersonal skills with specialized skills focused on helping parents and caregivers plan for immediate and long-term considerations. Public transportation systems were often inaccessible due to structural barriers. , you would use an app to take a photo of your face and a government-approved I.D. The system—called the “Alipay Health Code”—also appears to share that information with police, leading to concerns about privacy and surveillance, according to the, Immunity passports rely on antibody testing, which is, Immunity passports have raised red flags from those in the medical community. It installs a sense of discipline. 7 Travel Agencies for special needs travel. Antibodies against the SARS coronavirus only lasted two years, point out writers in a joint editorial for Scientific American, and they sometimes even made the disease worse. Don’t be afraid to offer alternatives If you think you know of a perfect fit for a client's accessibility needs, tell them about it. Better yet, how do you get one? Today, the lack of access to transportation that many individuals with disabilities have experienced is changing. Headquarter Happenings: CruiseOne, Cruises Inc., and Dream Vacations Go Virtual, TSA Numbers Hold Steady as Good News Strikes Travel Industry, How One Military Veteran's Experience Led Her to Become an Agency Owner, Headquarter Happenings: Avoya Embraces Change as it Adapts to the Future, Consumers Deterred by COVID-19 Are Banking on Traveling in Early 2021, ASTA Asks Advisors to Fill Out Survey on COVID Impact, Travel Edge Completes Two-Day Virtual Event, World Travel and Tourism Council to Host COVID-19 Summit, Travelport Launches COVID-19 Response Microsite, World Travel & Tourism Council Postpones Global Summit. The Chartered Special Needs Consultant ® (ChSNC ®) designation will provide you with the strategies and knowledge you need to help these families thrive. You can also confidently offer accessible travel services in multiple destinations worldwide. Countries and officials have also been calling them “immunity certificates,” “licenses,” and “COVID passes”; the phrase “release certificates” is also starting to gain popularity, after the World Health Organization warned countries about using the word “immunity.” (More on that later.).