Mystery solved . Over the past few weeks, Haagen Dazs had been reducing the size of its cartons from 16 ounces (a pint) to 14 ounces, while leaving the prices the same. A 64-euro (£54, $83) bill for four ice creams seems like a gross act of overcharging. Every day, more than 250,000 pints of ice cream come streaming off the production line of the Ben & Jerry's plant in this tiny town in the middle of seemingly endless forest. Today, though, I have only about two pints a month. "For small independent traders it's very hard to compete with huge companies. So with all of these premium perks, you'll end up paying more for premium ice cream. Ice Cream. The journey down the ice cream aisle is a long and complicated road when you have a sweet tooth. British family charged £54 for four ice creams in Rome, The Russian provinces buckling under Covid-19. Perfect Day, the Silicon Valley startup making dairy without the cow, just released its first product: ice cream. Markets, for example, can be limited and some council-run festivals won't accept applications from ice-cream vendors, she says. For now, they’ve settled on flora-based — a nod to the microflora that make the milk proteins. Dairy farmers were also hit by last year's damp weather across the UK. Click Here to see The Complete List of The Most Expensive Pints of Ice Cream. You might notice the term "super premium" on your ice cream pint and that's your first clue. Product differentiation through quality ingredients and novel flavours mean "that it does actually taste better and, therefore, we don't mind", says Vince Mitchell. These super premium treats also tend to contain higher quality ingredients, a higher butterfat percentage (between 13% and 17%, which produces a creamier texture), and are manufactured in smaller batches. Video, The Russian provinces buckling under Covid-19, Diwali with a difference under Covid-19. Then again, the Scandinavian countries have a huge appetite for plant-based products, especially the younger generations. But volume sales are forecast to drop slightly to 343 million litres, says Amy Price, senior food analyst at market research firm Mintel. Be sure to subscribe here so you don’t miss a beat! "Then the Italians brought the cream element with them when families began immigrating before World War I, and production changed to dairy. Should you tip the takeaway delivery driver? However other nations still spend more - Norwegians spend £33 ($50) per head a year, Australians £30 (A$46, $46), the Swiss £25 (SFr37, $38), and Americans get through 17 litres each a year. Read about our approach to external linking. We've rounded up the most expensive ones around, and also let you know how to get them shipped to your door if they're not available in retail shops. Now we have more than 100 years and four generations of some ice-cream-making Italian-British families," she says. Perfect Day is actually branding its ‘scream as “frozen dairy dessert” to avoid any kerfuffles from the FDA, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some pushback from Big Dairy on them using the word “dairy” at all — after all, they’re already up in arms about plant-based alternatives using the word “milk.” However, as CEO Ryan Pandya pointed out, they need to keep the label on there so people with severe dairy allergies know that they should steer clear. In today's terms, that is equivalent to about $3.65. Starting today, Perfect Day is selling 1,000 three-pint units of its ice cream for $60 (that becomes $100 when you include shipping (jeez, dry ice is expensive)).