Every Time She Gives Him Food Is the Cutest Thing I've … Here’s a little heart-warmer to start your week. Dear Aunt Chrissy, Thank you for being you, for being a second mom, and for always being there for me. Grey from @GreyandMama on TikTok is a 2-year-old who can’t get enough of … TikTok’s Adorable Child Star Is a Foodie! A toddler on TikTok is going viral for politely thanking his mama for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grey first came across many people’s screens a few weeks ago, when the adorable toddler, clad in a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt, accepted a plate of fresh-cut peaches with so much glee that his entire body squeezed up, his hands balled into little fists, and a grin smushing dimples into his chubby cheeks as he says, “Thank you, auntie!” The combination of his innocent, freshly combed locks, … thank you guys so much for using this sound is a popular song by L :) | Create your own TikTok videos with the thank you guys so much for using this sound song … You always have exciting things to do when I come home, and there is always a new adventure. Toddler Saying "Thank You, Mama" to Food in TikTok Video This Toddler Saying "Thank You, Mama!" You're always making me feel special because you have no obligation to spend time with me, but you do anyway.