Slate and yellow is a perfect pairing that’s sophisticated enough for an adult’s room, yet lively enough for a kid’s space. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Oh come on...who doesn't love white tile countertops. Color schemes for Downing Slate SW 2819. I'm going crazy. I remember Candace Olson saying the horizontal surfaces, and the vertical surfaces should go together. Though slate is a natural and beautiful stone, its many color variations sometimes pose a decorating dilemma when trying to find complementary colors for your walls. I've always been a fan of steely blues with slate, think it would go well with dark cabinets as well. So earthy and handsome!! Avoid turquoise or bright blues, as they will appear too stark and intense against the earthiness of your slate. Here's the kicker...we have multi-color slate tile that I love. What Color Should I Paint My House Exterior? The outfit is perfect for everyday wear Slate blue fabulous maxi dress with chiffon sleeves look courage and unusually not including the new floor install... sad face, Grey slate is a nice selection - if you really do not want to continue with the wood throughout J Design Group, Miami Interior Designers - Pinecrest - Sunny Isles - Coral Gables - South Beach - South Miami - Williams Island - Miami - Modern Interior Design Firm in Miami, Florida - Ocean Front Contemporary Decorators - That would mean if you keep the slate floor, the counter top would echo that color. If your slate has light brown variations in it, select a darker beige or a khaki color for your wall to create a subtle contrast against your light floors. Are your cabinets worth the cost of changing to a darker stain, are they solid wood or a veneer? Click here to see all available colors! I am going through all of the comments and hope to have some answers by this weekend. Any variation of beige will help to add warmth and comfort to your room. Any shade of white or off-white will complement slate tiles, especially if you use white grout. Avoid dark greens such as moss green, as they will create a sense of heaviness against the muted earth tones in your slate floors. We want to stain the cabinets a dark rich brown...what color? I think darker cabinets with the dark floors would be too dark in that size kitchen. We are thinking about photo 1 cabinet color. The color green is the ultimate representation of nature, and it makes a strong companion to slate floors. i need help w/cabinet colour to go with multicoloured antigua slate. Beige is extremely cohesive with slate flooring, as slate incorporates a wide variety of colors, all in the earth-tone family. However, some slate bears hints of green, red, black, purple, and brown based on mineral composition. In this child’s bedroom, red and yellow accents make a splash against slate walls and striped gray bedding. Slate blue midi skirt with a black T-shirt and black boots. It is most commonly found in all kinds of gray, from lighter to darker shades. This navy blue alternative is absolutely stunning whether applied in small doses or throughout an entire room. Slate blue is a color choice with a rich history in the very soil of the United States. Light greens, such as sage green or misty green, are soothing and coincide with the natural stone feeling of slate. If your slate is on the darker side of the spectrum, such as black or dark gray, white walls will help to lighten up your room and create a harmonious balance against the white swirls often seen in slate tiles. Konstandina: I think the pattern might be too much by the time the kitchen is complete. Do you not like antiqued white (off white) cabinets? We would like granite countertops...what color granite? Oh my gosh, please help me choose a floor tile. Good Luck! That would mean if you keep the slate floor, the counter top would echo that color. Variations of blue-gray add a sense of tranquility and peace to your room and are visually appealing companions to the gray undertones of your slate floors. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you. I don't think it would go in my kitchen because it would be too matchy-matchy with the cabinets, but it is a gorgeous floor and I would love to see pictures when you are finished! Granite or Quartz would make the area look 10x better. These sound-reduction strategies can help you hush things up, A shot of strong color or pattern sets these bathrooms apart from the rest of the pack, Here are some ways to highlight and complement your home with this elegant hybrid of gray and beige, As with the kitchen, the bathroom is always a high priority for home buyers. You will need good lighting if you do not have windows in this area. After seeing this I wonder if I should. Yeah, I'd be tempted to change counters to a cement-looking gray quartz, and then lighten a bit with a cream or white backsplash, maybe glass for a little shine. Not as dark as Espresso, but a nice brown with a glaze on it. I know this is an old thread, but must say I completely & simply adore the slate floors with blues and browns. Light cabinets could also work, but I'd worry about going too dark in a narrow space -- if you go that way, be sure to use a light counter and maybe a light natural stone backsplash. Slate blue fabulous chiffon maxi skirt with ivory top and black pumps is an outfit for those who are not accustomed to give up and persevere to the end. I think that would really put the focus on the nice slate while modernizing the heck out of the space. It is simple to pair other colors with, comes in a variety of shades and undertones, and all … Are the Happy Floors products sold in person anywhere at a major retailer I could go visit? ;). I would suggest a natural wood, stained a coffee color. If your slate floors have orange, yellow or copper swirls in them, opt for a color of beige that includes almond, honey or gold shades. So I'm not sure what would look good with what we want to do. In my humble opinion that would leave the room awfully dark if you darken the cabinets. She obtained a B.A. I greatly appreciate everyone's advice. I would instead suggest either leaving the cabinets as is or painting the cabinets white or light gray and doing a darker granite countertop that complements the floor colors.