It’s less known then Bruges but certainly just as beautiful, one of the hidden gems in Europe. AutoWorld is a vintage car museum in the center of Brussels, Belgium, located in the southern hall of the Cinquantenaire Park, The Castle of Vêves occupies a rocky platform just outside the village of Celles, in the province of Namur, Belgium. Royal Museums Of Fine Arts Of Belgium In Brussels, The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium is an art museum in Brussels, The In Flanders Fields Museum is the perfect place to learn about World War I in Europe. One thing you’ll notice when you visit Belgium is that the country has an incredibly wide variety of beers for tasting. This culture of chocolate making and perfecting is appreciated all over the world. Belgium is the absolute number 1 when it comes to craft beers and every region you visit will have some great local beers you should definitely try out! Almost every village in Belgium has their own chocolate shop where recipes have often been handed down for generations. 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Belgium. It is now a museum. The Gravensteen is a castle in Ghent originating from the Middle Ages. Take it slow on the heavy beers. It was one of the largest commercial buildings of the Middle Ages, when it served as the main market and warehouse. Not rushing means you have more than enough time to savor many of Belgium’s finest without becoming a drunken mess in the process. From the most common social faux pas to the sites you simply can’t miss, here are the best ways to ensure that your Belgian vacation is hassle-free and tons of fun. In all honesty, there’s really no need to learn the language(s) if you’re only going to be visiting for a week. Taking it easy on the flavorful heavy brews means you’ll get to – consciously at least – taste more of them. Belgium is one of few countries where a legally mandated last call is simply not a thing. The name means “castle of the counts” in Dutch. In Antwerp, cozy neighborhood theater Cartoon’s has been revived, and Cinema Zuid with its screenings of classics and silent films accompanied by live piano music has always been the home of the true cinephile. A city that should be high on your bucket list. A canal cruise in Bruges. Being located closely to Bruges this is city is ideal for as well a day trip as a complete city trip. The Belgian waffle is a little thicker then a normal waffle and can have toppings like whipped cream, icing sugar, strawberries and jam. You might also like our guide on the best places to visit in Belgium! The many canals in Bruges make for people often referring to it as the Venice of the North, but in my opinion it would better to call Venice the Bruges of the south! 25 Best Things to Do in Belgium. Much like in Ireland or England, moderate rain is a regular companion to Belgian life, even at the seaside. Fascinating Ancient Greek Myths and Legends. Don’t Trust the Crosswalks Unless you’re trying to cross the street at a spot that’s governed by a traffic light or sign, you should be extremely careful. Ghent, Antwerp, Liège, Brussels, the forested Ardennes, the soothing seaside, and its picturesque Bruges – they’re all within two hours or less of each other, which means more time to soak up different locales and environments. Belgian Beers. Bruges is in so many ways one of the most enjoyable cities of Belgium and cruising through it by boat on the canals is a great way to enjoy it’s beauty. Be sure to enjoy a Belgian waffle during your visit, wether this be from one of the waffle stands or in a cafe together with a cup of coffee. Bobbejaanland is a theme park in Lichtaart, Belgium. ), but several other big cities are waiving the flag for art house cinema too. Visiting a country as small as postage stamp-sized Belgium also means limited travel times on trips. Brussels proudly identifies as a melting pot, and when a Belgian welcomes you, they’re usually overjoyed to tell you about the things that are unique to their region. You might even be right depending on your definition of “trouble.” The Western European country may be relatively laid back in terms of its political scene and its criminal regulations, but there are still plenty of ways to complicate your trip to this gorgeous, history-filled nation by behaving badly. Squished between elegant Paris and hip Berlin, quirky Brussels draws the short end of the stick when it comes to tourist numbers. You (the tourist) are actually welcome. Royal Museum Of The Armed Forces And Military History. The animal theme park is located on the site of the former Cistercian Cambron Abbey, and is home to over 4,000 animals. 3. Dont bother going to see the Mannekin Pis. There are numerous canals in Bruges and often people refer to it as … The Cloth Hall is a large cloth hall, a medieval commercial building, in Ypres, Belgium. Want to know what to do in Belgium? Enjoy a Belgian Waffle. You might think it would be relatively easy to get through an entire vacation in Belgium without getting into too much trouble. If you want to relax and enjoy a little pampering then surely you’re going to want to visit the town of Spa, from which the all spas take their name!