The last couple of years have been OK, the year before that was outstanding--that year I averaged 42 flushes over seven hunts during the month long season. However, this species’ outstandingly camouflaged body makes it a part of the timber and thicket that it thrives in. With more than 80,000 registered to hunt, it’s clear Italy has a deep relationship with hunting. Our woodcock season started last Saturday, the 18th. Tony Peterson The migration is on, so if you want plenty of upland action, get out into the low ground where woodcock live right now. Woodcock may be one of the greatest game birds to pursue for those interested in becoming a bird hunter or in areas otherwise devoid of wild birds. When the ringing stops, the dog is on point and the hunter heads to where he last heard ringing. For those bold enough, they can even be hunted without a dog. This should cover a few days of hunting with 20-30 points a day. For a fully guided hunt that includes the use of the outfitter’s pointers and lodging, expect to pay $2,000 or so. talks to Dino La Malfa, a Sicilian hunter, about his passion for hunting woodcock in Italy, and working his three dogs. ... Where to Hunt Woodcock. The best shotgun for hunting woodcock is one you can hit well with and carry without getting tired arms. The Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society are not liable for any reliance upon the information provided here and strongly encourage […] Woodcock hunting opportunities start at about $250 a hunter a day. Traditionally, woodcock dogs will sport a bell on their collar that helps the hunter to follow an unseen dog through the coverts. Some dogs dislike retrieving woodcock, and I’m not sure why. The preferred method to hunt woodcock is with a dog, but you don’t need one. Flights will stack up there for weeks, so plan to hunt such areas before a cold north wind arrives and carries them further south. It comes as no surprise that the popularity of American woodcock hunting has risen with the decline of other upland game species in its flyway. October 9, 2018. (Kevin Erdvig/) Woodcock handle well for dogs because they tend to stay put on point. Bird hunter’s delight: Hunt for woodcock – now. (Photo courtesy of Tony Peterson) I grew up with a serious bias against woodcock. Back in my dog-less days, I would grid cover methodically, knowing birds will often not flush unless almost stepped on. Firepower. A State-by-State Guide to Grouse and Woodcock Hunting for the 2018 – 2019 Season: You must review and comply with all rules, laws and regulations in the state or province where you hunt. A 20- or 12-gauge side-by-side or over-under is a good bet. If the Woodcock looks out of place in the forest, it is because this bird is actually a type of shorebird.