Freddy charges at Pennywise, Freddy throw a punch at Pennywise, and stabbing Pennywise with microphone. Pennywise is not really a clown, and he doesn't come from the dark tower, he is a part of SK's universe, which you could call the dark tower universe. Wiz: Depends. Film Pennywise is a lot weaker though. Pennywise then took Freddy's soul by deadlight. The only reason the kids beat him is because the had the will of the turtle, the being of pure good, and the strength of Gan, the creator of everything, very similar to God. ... Just like freddy, Pennywise needs a certain amount of belief to function. Pennywise disappears, Freddy was looking for him. If I kill you, I'll prey every children in this restaurant! Incidentally, in "Wes Craven's new nightmare" Craven drops a little bit of a hint that Freddy isnt the ghost of Freddy Krueger after all, but some kind of lore demon which inhabits the story of particularly cruel characters and then kills using the parameters of that story. The only reason the kids beat him is because they had the turtle ( a other god like being) on there side. Pennywise can do anything he wants, but if Freddy can't die, then Freddy can't die. I think Freddy (Jackie Earl Hailey) would win, while (Robert Englund's) Freddy would lose. It's a toss up. Pennywise punches Freddy multiple times, Freddy bite Pennywise's shoulder, Pennywise grabs Freddy by head and tossing him. Pennywise then kicks Freddy's knee and tosses him to stage. Yes I know but I was giving an example for how Freddy can win. Even eons-old alien entities have to sleep sometime, no? Freddy throw pizza at Pennywise, Pennywise jump at Freddy and toss him into ground. The only reason he was defeated in A Nightmare on Elm Street was because Nancy dragged him into the real world. Pennywise is a  "demon" (good enough word) from todash space which is the nothing between worlds. Boomstick: Ooh I'm scared but now it's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEE! Freddy headbutts Pennywise, Freddy grabs the axe and tries to stab Pennywise, Pennywise rolls over and biting Freddy's leg. Also poor Georgie got his arm ripped off by Pennywise, that was brutally and sad! . And luckily for Pennywise, Freddy has one big, debilitating fear - fire. why does light remember L after he gave up his death note and memories ? Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour, and skills to find out who would win a... Death Battle. Also, im not sure if you are familiar with this, but Freddy is not the son of hundreds of murderers, rapists and lunatics, but the son of only one of these men. It is implied in the novel that Pennywise/It has consumed and devoured worlds, he just happens to stay on earth because he likes the food. Wiz: He arrived on earth in such a cataclysmic meteor impact, it nearly destroyed the planet. But sooner or later, the sweet embrace of sleep comes calling. My guess is that if Pennywise somehow managed to figure out that Freddy hated fire, he'd win. Who wins between these two nightmares? He's brutal, but also seductive and manipulative. What's preventing him from using fire against Freddy? I'm just judging by what I've seen in the 2017 version of IT. Now, the average running speed of an adult white-tailed deer is approximately 30 mph. After that, Pennywise can do with Freddy what he will... Pennywise has a heart. Now, we don't know if Pennywise can turn into fire, but if he can, then Freddy doesn't stand a chance. Freddy's first appearance was in A Nightmare on Elm Street, a very famous horror movie released in 1984. Wait, you don't even think it's possible for either of them to win. I don't know who is a most creepiest Freddy, Phantom or Nightmare. Freddy vs. Jason - a fight for the ages. He stalks the player in the first game during Night 3 and on by moving while the player is not watching the monitor of the cameras. Phorqe. Sometimes he is a dead body, sometimes the wolf man and sometimes abusive parents. And seeing as how Freddy is a mere adult human, it stands to reason that Pennywise can manipulate his mind as well. They thought silver would kill a wolf-man, which is one of the forms pennywise attacked them with, so they invested it with power through their belief. Boomstick: As if the creature expected the event to occur, Derry was settled in 1700s. Method: Drowning and Sleep-induced Coma. Freddy can mess with your dreams and is also a sick ****. Anyone think the Doctor could pull it off? While this is true, Freddy has superhuman strength and durability even in the waking world, can possess people, animals, and objects, and can pull people into the dream world. Winner: Freddy Krueger. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Video Games vs Movies' themed Death Battles, 'Villain vs. This lends a little bit more weight to Freddy than simply being a ghost of a crazy guy, but still puts him far below Pennywise. Freddy Fazbear is the leader of the animatronics and is usually seen on stage along side Bonnie and Chica. (Dr Who). So Pennywise is literally an interdimensional cosmic Eldritch god and he gets a win. Jason dies. That's against the rules. Each character is as at their peak performance, and they fight until one of them dies. Pennywise gets up. Each character is as at their peak performance, and they fight until one of them dies. But there are things that Freddy fears. He killed some kids which now inhabit the Animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria. Pennywise can become whatever you are afraid of and is mentally psychotic. for some reason i cant find any good anime to watch, can you give me some recommendations? Which of these horror icons would take the crown as the top monster? If he can survive being shot in the face, then he can probably survive a few little scratches... We've touched on it before, but this is also worth its own heading. Known for his horribly scarred face, wisecracking personality, and bladed gloves, Freddy was a little different from your usual silent slasher monsters. White? As a result, though he feeds on adults and can haunt people in their dreams, Pennywise normally targets children as they are considered easier targets to frighten and kill. Freddy: You ignorant clown, stop clowning around my restaurant! Loading editor. Boomstick: Yeah, Pennywise is basically a god! Boomstick: He is, he jump the heck out of player in the first game. He is a demon from a other world. Just like freddy, Pennywise needs a certain amount of belief to function. Pennywise then manages to grabs a chair and hits Freddy with it. Wiz: A man named William Afton, also known as Purple Guy. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. @misterwhisper: what did he do in the book? That isnt how sexual reproduction works. With Pennywise's all-knowing power, he would know that he could drag Freddy into the real world and kill him, and Freddy, with his own all-knowing power, would know that he would need to give Pennywise a physical form, and use his power to do so and then kill him. Wiz: Freddy has survived many years being alive, sneaks behind cameras, can easily murder humans, and has an indestructible soul but a breakable body making him unable to be killed. 7 comments. RELATED: 10 Underrated Horror Movies Directed By Female Directors.