He is not as Godly as he appears but is a violent CHEATER, HYPOCRITE, LIAR AND FAKE.and hed make a horrible father. This is further down on the list — > (copy)This dude is smooth but beware. Definitely under the impression for casual sex relationship. Favorit. What was i thinking wasting three years of my life and the sucky thing is that i gave him not only everything i gave him my heart! He is also secretly bi but is completely afraid of what others will think of him but will use girls as his cover!!! Jeffrey Edwin Ford Santa Clara, ca/oakhurst. If i didnt he would seriously throw a tantrum like a 2 year old. Manipulation plays a role in most abusive relationships. He is constantly looking for the bigger better deal while in a relationship. He bragged that he has cheated on every woman he has ever dated because he wants to have the upper hand. Jovan. He ain’t my ex (thank god) but he is a woman beater, manipulator and is iscolating and alienating my best friend from everyone who cares about her! Buy my book, but also explore the rest of the site: Take the Attachment Type Test and read some chapters of my book. HIS IDEA OF GOING OUT TO DINER IS MACDONALDS AND MIND YOU – YOU WILL PAY FOR ALL. he would freak if he couldn’t get ahold of me was so adamant about me being true to him and not seeing any other men. He is a liar, narcissist, manipulator, thief, and an alcoholic. He gives you just enough information to keep you on the line. He’s a gaslighter. And guess who pays if you ever want to have a social life? No follow up from this guy, which I expected anyway, but it is yet another example of how men never keep their word and like to play games. Keep everything general – don’t post any specific information about where they live. My book, Bad Boyfriends: Using AttachmentTheory … Into drugs and dirty movies! Armenian. he is great in the begining. Daniel Talbot. Anyway. He’s scared of what is good. I’m finally ready to share . Very critical has no idea about how to love a woman or be romantic. from Maineville. And he’s always scratching his balls and sniffing . Well “friend with benefits”. Nicknames or Known Alias’s: Jer Bear, Bear. He abused me nearly the entire time even when I was pregnant. He KILLED not 1 or 2 but TWELVE of my dogs because he was too busy jacking off to ault fliks and playing video games to feed / water or go home for 5 minutes a day. I broke up with him in November then was stupid enough to go back out with him later to find out the whole two months we went back out was just to break up with me and get back at me for breaking up with him the first time. WARNING TO PEOPLE OUT THERE ABOUT STEPHEN EDWARD WILSON AND KENNETH EDWARD SWEET: These 2 are chronic liars and thieves. While we were talking/dating, he told me I was the only one. Kim Willis. from Franklin Square NY. EVIL IS THE ONLY WAY THAT I COULD SOME UP HOW HE TREATED ME. So do remember that before you post. He was secretly bi and cheated on me with another man and now admits that he is bisexual but refuses to admit he ever cheated on me. He’s a deadbeat dad who continues to enjoy the priviledge of having a chiropractor license even though he’s many thousands behind continuing NOT to support his kid from a prev. Then the drama finale is when he moved into my place and was always “working late” so I followed him a few times….yea I know I know. from Los Gatos CA. He will use you for whatever he can get and if you are a man reading this do not do business with him and do not make friends with this false profit! He HAS NOT changed and he will do the same to you. TEDDY GOLDEN. but basically talking is all you will get. He gave me over $200 to ‘buy my firendship’ and by the end of the week he was telling mye i was fat, and how worthless i was. Well, in fact he has had exactly 0 investments, hence no investment track-record. If you are ready to report your ex-boyfriend, just tell us your story in the comments down below. He’ll alienate you from your friends and family. Mark R. Ferragamo. . He is arrogant and cocky. Good riddance…and sorry for you new B. solomon lee. steve phillips. I HATE LIARS. He’s admitted to being Bi-Polar and is on meds for it. He does need to do some serious work on his sense of self and how to be willing to work towards improving himself before he drags someone else into his mess. He is bald, has bad teeth and shits the bed. History of cheating on his wives. He slammed my head into a counter multiple times and bashed my face into a microwave so hard I cracked the plastic part of the door with my face. This guy will take all you got and then leave also a comittment phob and he will cry about how much he has been hurt give it a rest I say. Ladies, he is a master at game playing.. a Player above Players! Used to live in Missouri and Iowa for a short period of time. has drug addictions which he will try to support by living off his woman. i feel sorry for his wife. He will sweet talk you, and buy you a lot of cheap shit claiming that he likes to ‘dote’ on all of his girlfriends. If I start winning the argument he’ll just say something insulting, 16) He wants to live next door to his MOMMY- maybe so she can wash his unde. Believes he is superior and will leave you feeling like Crap. He even says his Mama is crazy. I found out that he does this to everyone he dates. I wish I could have been warned…Please get away from him. philip parr. He will be sweet as pie and a dream come true for about the first few months even cook you dinner and be romantic and get you drinks etc… then his true colors start to show. make them want you make them work for it. He is looking for a mother not a wife. He is more like Satan. What kind of crap is that. HE GOT ME PREGNANT CONVINCED ME TO MARRY HIM AND TOLD EVERYONE HE KNEW ABOUT THE PREGNANCY.WHEN I HAD A MISCARRIAGE HE TOLD NO ONE. Age 31 Where do I start. from Everett WA. Hunter Halsted is someone you should NEVER date, no matter how he seduces you or how he acts like he is the most caring sweet person. I hope he gets Gonorrhea and his tiny little cock falls off . We were together for 2 1/2 years and he left me after I found out I was pregnant and I have heard from him once sense then. SORRY I DID NOT HEAR YOU – EXCUSE ME? Gets violent when he is caught lying or cheating. and hasnt paid a sent. He gaslit the F*** out of me. He actually used my dead grandmother’s laptop to look at those movies. And didnt he ask me to be his girlfriend? from Altoona IA. Don’t let him, I got out when he started asking me for money and not smalls sums either. The amounts exceeded $200. If you’re older, bad news: while you were spending time and effort on relationships you were hoping would turn out better, or even happily nestled in a good relationship or two, most of the secure, reliable, sane people in your age group got paired off. Doug Rippe— crown point indiana, manipulative, drug user, left bruises on my body. There wasn’t one. Then when he’s tired of her, he’ll search you out, wanting to be a part of your life again….and again….and again. He’ll drive your car because his is always breaking down. And guess what? He has choked me and given black eyes multiple times. And he also collected alcohol. What is Feminism, and why has the word gotten such a bad reputation. He might say I wrote this because I am crazy. He is NOT a christian, he is a two-timing liar and user. Is he a cheater? No. He’s a heavy drinker.and abuses you by telling you that your guly & then when he wants some me becomes real nice. Has issues about being manly because he is a pretty boy. from Jefferson PA. Child molestor and expects you to be okay with it. Well ladys here is the King Kong of adultery lie’n and stealing .He won’t take care of his own kids 4 by the way … he sucks in bed and he has multiable my space moco space and blackplant accounts just for the simple pleasure of messing with what he thinks is the lower speices So women watch out for this smooth talking rapper wanna be rat b*stard thanks have a nice day, Billy Lee from charlottesville,va. Loving drunk turns into Scary Drunk if the winds change direction. Why do I think he’s a sociopath/has NPD? Lies cheats very insecure IMO b/c he cried when I moved but DID DIRTY SHIT TO ME ! watch out for him!!! They will be extremly overbarringly nice to the point where you wonder if they are all fakes. Some user names on POF, Ashley Madison, Match, Zoosk, Tinder, Bumble are drolds350, drolds1970, 1970olds, MrMitchell, MrMitchell1614, MrBig27238 to name a few. from Teske Queensland. If you thought we'd stop the ultimate list of fictional boyfriends with just the good fellas, you thought wrong. hmm.. where do i start? Treated me like Trash for 5 straight years. When his birthday came around, I was expected to get him a gift and paid over $100 in food and beverage expenses on him when I earn close to minimum wage in retail. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DATE THIS GUY DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY TIME OF ‘FUN’ WITH HIM. Ugh. I met this piece of work through a mutual friend of mine. He told his wife that after work that Friday in November 2000 they would go out for dinner. He also used to shave his back and stomach when we first got together and after a year he stopped and pretended as if nothing had changed. He has slept with his friends girlfriends. from Everett washington. Until he gets in your pants. He also is very shallow and has nothing but women friends who use him… and he lets them. Stay from this POS as he has nothing to offer but lies, manipulation and problems. He was dangerous before but now he’s taking karate lessons. He has never been in the military or shot a gun. Sioux City, Iowa. He treatened to kill me break in my house and kill my DOG and all sorts of crazy shit! Very subtle at first, criticism, sarcasm, never happy with anything you do. Known alias : Tito. Family wealth. Jim or James Metzenheim. Also he wont do anything for anyone unless he gets something out of it generally in the form of money or sex. from toronto on. So who ever wrote this THANK YOU.. Aaron Wray from WhiteBluff, TN. deadbeat dad has no respect for anyone!!! deep secrets.He also does not know how to hold a job.The only thing is that i was the dumd a** for staying as long as i did. If you catch this guy in a lie he will look you right in the eye and tell another lie to try and cover… If he sees your not buying it he becomes violent and will threaten you with “I’m a Marine”! We were together for 6 years and I found out he’s been cheating on me for 5 of those years. from Jeremy Tim”. Forces a woman to work against her will without pay. this isn’t even all of his crap . TRUUUUUST ME! from New Oxford PA. once a cheater always a cheater. i dont care who you are you deserve better than him. If you actually fall in love with this guy you are in for every kind of heartbreak. In the Navy? He will prey on your weaknesses and use it to his advantage. I agree with the other person hwo posted. Rick Morey hooks up with women on the Internet befriends them makes them emotionally attached to him travels to their city moves in with them and then relies on them financially. He can control how his circle perceives you. Oh–and he’ll want to take intimate photos and videos too because “my ex was super uptight and never even wanted to wear lingerie”, and he’ll pout if you have reservations and ask why you don’t trust him.