Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I'm wondering if you possibly joined the University's team account (if it has one that is). Logging in with the incognito seemed to work, but is there anyway to get around that or no? Make your Dropbox account work for you, with the help of Community users like you. If you're experiencing a similar behavior, feel free to start a new discussion in the Ask a Question section here.]. Hi there @asechrist, thanks for reaching out to us. If you're still having issues with this could you try logging into both of the accounts via an incognito window or another browser where you're not already logged into any account? Join in or start a discussion of your own. Did this post help you? Still stuck? I opened the share link, and now I can't access my original content (on the email). For example, I've tried using both variations of the email but they sign into the same dropbox that lacks all of my previous content. We’re sorry to hear that. Let us know how we can improve: Thanks for your feedback! I have a lot of documents stored there that I need to access. This website uses cookies. For security reasons, we can’t change the email address on your account for you. DaphneCommunity Moderator @ Dropbox, No, basically if i try to sign into the first account it reroutes to the other account without me doing anything. I have files shared with me that I would lose if I change my email-- is there a way to add this email to my account and gain the space? Tips & Tricks Find new ways to stay in flow or share your tips on how you work smarter with Dropbox. The way we work is changing. This email was Join in or start a discussion of your own. Then a colleague shared a folder to a different iteration of my email ( If so please give us some more information so we can try and help - please remember we cannot see over your shoulder so be as descriptive as possible! Check out how our Community members are using Dropbox, /t5/Dropbox-accounts-billing/Getting-free-space-with-edu-email/td-p/117635. If so, please give it a Like below. Ask me a question! LusilCommunity Moderator @ Dropbox If you can’t sign in to your email account, try contacting your email service provider (ESP) for assistance. Log into your personal Dropbox account by going to; Click your name in the top right corner and select Settings; On the Profile tab, under the Personal email option, … This email was Dropbox is used by businesses all over the world and allows you to change language and date format settings via the desk Change the email address on your Dropbox account If you change your email address, be sure to update your Dropbox email. From the sounds of it, your account should still be active, so could you try signing back in with your relevant credentials? If an incognito window worked, it could be that you have two separate Dropbox accounts under two different -even slightly- email addresses @asechrist. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe. If you've setup a personal Dropbox account using your email address, please change the email address to a [email protected] address before provisioning your UNC Charlotte Dropbox for Business account. Could this be what's happening here? is a service to make it easy for you to move files, including large files up to 10.0 GB, in and out of MtSAC. If you already have an existing Dropbox account registered with your “” campus email address, you’ll be able to choose whether to continue to associate existing content with your “” account by merging the accounts or migrate your existing Dropbox content to a new account using a personal email address after you log in with your CampusID and password the first time. When you check your "All Files" page online, do you see a purple folder with your name on it? If you don’t know or can’t access the email address associated with your Dropbox account, there are a few ways you can try to sign in.