Wayne sees someone looking over his car and it is an officer from Customs and Excise who impounds the car, with a bill of £800. Having arrived in Havana, the lads are at loggerheads with their gaffer (Trasker) from the word go as he is annoyed that his preferred workcrew were assigned elsewhere. Meanwhile Barry comes up with an idea to make the hut more homely. Uncover the intriguing story as you move, meet exciting characters and unlock tasty foods! Geordies Dennis, Neville & Oz leave Britain to find work as bricklayers in Germany. Manor Cafe is the home for tasty recipes and interesting characters! But this time we’re talking about a different developer that did things a bit differently and offered a beautiful alternative. You’ll never live a dull moment in the crazy world of Manor Cafe! Moxey, in contrast to Neville, cannot wait to leave the UK. The Lads get the booze ready for the Darts match against the army. Tatiana gets in a taxi to go to a drug store but is taken to the kidnapper’s middle man. Dennis tells the lads he can't be part of Oz's deal as he has no money. Neville has a word with him and he agrees to drop any charges. Back in the hut Colin opens up about why he is AWOL. The police inspector is on the payroll of a British journalist, Nick Wheeler, who chats to them in the hotel. After a recap of the end of series one, we see Neville on a building site being called away as Brenda his wife is giving birth. The lads decide who will be in the darts team by having eliminators to find out the best four players. Tatiana returns to meet the lads & Tarquin and she gets a call from the kidnappers. Wayne goes off for the weekend with a woman from the local post office. - All this fun-filled adventure is FREE!You had one dream when you bought this old and outdated restaurant mansion: bringing its full glory back by decorating and re-opening all the beautiful parts like the bar, dining hall and the garden. While playing football on his own, Neville discovers an unexploded bomb and becomes a hero on the site. Oz, Dennis, Moxey and Wyman are in a sports bar and it hits Oz that the lads are history as everyone wants to go their own way. He calls the Intercontinental Hotel and leaves the message for Wayne to come up to room 612. The lads conclude that he is a deserter. They get all dressed up then realise they don't have a car. While shopping in a market Moxey & Wyman are approached by a man who works with the kidnappers. Oz brings him back to the hut, much to the dismay of the rest of the lads. Wayne and Barry are in a Chinese restaurant and Wayne tells him about splitting up with his wife Christa. Barry joins them in their hut. You get a chance to play for daily coins that’s in addition to all the other levels. Helmut says he'll go look for them, Bomber & Barry go with him to identify them. Oz doesn't want to go back to England but doesn't like the idea of staying in Germany on his own. Oz returns to the lads in the afternoon and regales them with the story. When the lads return the "ghost" has been caught by Oz with super glue on the fridge. Dennis, Oz and Neville all return to Newcastle after the job and bring Bomber, Wayne, Moxey and Barry with them awaiting the Spanish job. After finding out about the cafe at the … Barry is struggling to get his house ready in time for after his wedding to girlfriend Hazel. The pressure grows on secret spy Neville. The following night the lads return from the pub and there are lights on in the house and someone has been in the house. Things don't go as planned when it comes to collecting a highly prized gift from Fidel Castro. Dennis has a heart to heart with Dagmar and decides to go back to England. Wayne flirts with Ally's girlfriend Vicky, and Ally sees it. Ally invites the lads around to his house for some hospitality due to the delay in plans. But Oz, Wayne, Bomber and Barry are heckled on the beach by two journalists who claim that they are aware they aren't villains, and want to clear the air. This last episode has an introduction by Tim Healy, (Dennis) about the death of Gary Holton, (Wayne) and the episode is dedicated to his memory. Four months later he rejoins the lads in Vientiane in Laos. The Australians who the lads worked for in Laos come and rescue them, Oz uses the opportunity to knock out Two Dragons, the leader of the kidnappers. A very emotional Neville returns to the site with Dennis & Helmut in a taxi, tearfully he says "I never thought I'd miss Oz" Moxey is working in a nightclub as a cleaner. They climb out of a window and jump off a roof. Oz goes off to meet Geoffrey Grainger, (Bill Nighy) the former disgraced MP who Oz saved from being gang raped while in jail. The only person they could phone is Neville's wife Brenda. While Oz & Hazel are "shagging" there is an explosion and Oz is injured by some shrapnel in his bum. He told Oz about this while inside. With Tracy Ann Oberman, Angel Adoree, Dick Strawbridge. Wayne is stopping with Neville and Brenda. His links to the now imprisoned Mickey Startup, and the fact he is still officially on the run means that he prefers to be overseas. So Dennis has to go back to Newcastle. Cafe Decoration & Story . Dennis and Neville have gone back to Newcastle for the weekend, Dennis tells his sister Norma about the debt with Ally. As you beat the match-3 levels and earn stars, use those stars on the tasks. Dennis & Bomber are coming back to the hut from the bar when they see a rat. Barry is forced to stay in Russia having been arrested for his association with the now deceased crimelord, but is freed when a surprising source vouches for him – his ex-wife Tatiana. The night before they go to one of Ally's clubs and Oz pulls a woman whose boyfriend turns up and sees Moxey chatting to her. Neville does not want to travel abroad anymore – however, while on holiday in Cumbria with his daughters, he is approached by a government agent who can guarantee the lads' inclusion on the OED list provided Neville agrees to act as a covert operative. Lastly, to play on or add more coins is too high.... 900 coins to play on and if you lose with the five moves; the cost to play on increases. The lads are at a loose end and Barry suggests brass rubbing but the lads try the Barley Mow. The next day Neville is asked by a local land owner to take a look at a barn he wants converting. Barry goes off to find Hazel and gets mistaken for a computer salesman at a conference. Manor Cafe is an Android Puzzle Game that is developed by GAMEGOS and published on Google play store on Jul 5, 2018. A change in German law means they have to either register with the authorities and pay tax or go back to England. This episode really intrigued me and I was curious about whether the lovely couple ended up selling their house after the show ended. We would love to hear from you!Use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or email us at:[email protected]. My husband never wanted me to work. We encourage you to send a support ticket to our representatives via the Support button in the Settings menu if you have any more ideas, suggestions and comments. Dennis meets Vera at the airport. Thank you! Neville & Bomber are certain they are returning home. Harry Blackburn, a plumber from Derby, joins the lads who is a big country and western fan and he invites the lads to his local pub that put on a country and western night.