Harvey is derived from the Celtic words that refer to ‘battle’, ‘ardent’, ‘worthy’, or ‘strong’. Conor has spent an extra £5000 to make it extra special due to the covid pandemic, Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter (centre) joining members of all three armed services, in Waterloo Station, London, to support the Royal British Legions Poppy Appeal by collecting donations and selling poppies on London Poppy Day, Surfers take to high waves caused by Atlantic swells in Mullaghmore in Co Sligo, A rare giant Japanese spider crab is moved into the sale room during a preview of the forthcoming Evolution Sale at Summers Place Auctions, Billinghurst, West Sussex, A television crew prepare to do a live transmission opposite the Nave Andromeda, an oil tanker berthed at Southampton docks, southwest England. Anderson is known to be one of the most common surnames in Sweden. This name probably means a ‘Strong chief’ or ‘Son of chief’. A Middle English name for someone who lived by the village green. Two men walk over a nearly deserted Westminster Bridge, in foggy conditions, at the start of a four week national lockdown for England, Laura Martindale, manager of The Rocket public house in Whiston, pours away spoilt beer that has gone off after the pub was placed into tier three and now faces a four week lockdown ahead of a national lockdown for England, An oast house surrounded by autumn colours in the morning sunshine near Hawkhurst in Kent, Large waves crash over the harbour wall in Newhaven, East Sussex, during strong winds, Shoppers queue outside Ikea in Batley, West Yorkshire, after Boris Johnson announced a new national lockdown will come into force in England next week, Boris Johnson announces new restrictions in No 10, The hallway of the Halloween house of Conor Pilkington (centre), 23, from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, who has gone all out this year with his Halloween display. It is derived from the word Stephanos that means ‘A crown’ or ‘Wreath’. James is a Latin form of Hebrew name Jacob and has a reference in the New Testament. The surname Palmer has originated from the Old French word Palmer, derived from the Latin term ‘Palmifer’ meaning ‘Palm bearer’. This is a common Irish last name that originated from the British and Welsh community of soldiers. Actress Emilia Fox is a noteworthy bearer of this last name. An inquest into his death is currently ongoing, A flypast to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain flies over Westminster Abbey, London, People sit outside on a street closed to traffic to try to reduce the spread of coronavirus so bars and restaurants can continue to stay open, in the Soho area of central London. Webster has an Anglo-Saxon origin and is a famous last name in Yorkshire, Lancashire, and the Midlands. Originated from English and Scottish regions, this last name refers to ‘Son of Thom’, ‘Son of Thomas’ or ‘Son of Tom’. It belongs to both Old Welsh and Medieval English origins and is derived from the pre 7th Century term Llwyd meaning ‘Grey’. What is the popularity of your last name? West is a topographical last name that refers to ‘Someone who lived by the west of a settlement’. Barker is a spelling variant of Berker, an occupational name which refers to a ‘Tanner of leather’. There's more to explore on Ancestry. A Middle English personal name adapted from the Medieval Latin Martinus, which was made popular due to Saint Martin of Tours (316-397). It is derived from a Gaelic word which means ‘Headland’. This is a surname of English and Scottish origins. The origins of this last name date back to the pre-medieval period. This popular Scottish patronymic name refers to ‘Son of Donald’. It is derived from the Latin term Johannes or Yohanan, meaning ‘Jehovah has favored’. In Hebrew, Adam refers to a ‘Man’. Enter your last name to find its meaning and origin. Some other reference of the name also describes Perry as ‘Stranger’ or ‘Traveler’. Derived from ‘Alan’ this last name was first used somewhere in the 6th Century. Did you know there are more than 45,000 British family names, each having a distinct meaning, history, and story to it? Murphy, meaning ‘Sea warrior’, originated in Ireland. Originated in Scotland, Gray is nicknamed for people having grey hair. Hall is a variation of Heall, Halle or Holl and is derived from a spacious part of the residence. It is derived from the Old English word ‘Cniht’ that refers to ‘Servant’ or a ‘Common soldier’. It refers to a ‘Supplanter’ or ‘One who follows’. Common occupations; Enter your last name above to get started! Originated from English, Irish and Scottish parts of the UK, Harrison is another common British last name and means ‘Son of Harry’. British last names have evolved from the first names that were eventually adopted as family names, taken from places, immigrants, conquests and more. It means ‘High’ or ‘Chief warden’. This patronymic last name of English and Scottish origins refers to ‘Son of John’. Webb is derived from Webber or Web, which means ‘To weave’. Watts is a short form of Walter meaning ‘Ruler’ or ‘Warrior’ and is an Anglo-Scottish surname. Reynolds is derived from ‘Reginald’ that means ‘A powerful ruler’. The name is taken from the animal Fox and was first used in England and Ireland. Most Anglo Saxon family names came into common usage between the 12th and 14th centuries, and were first coined in particular parts of the country. A notable person having this last name is Owen Wilson. A Middle English nickname referring to people with fair hair or a pale complexion. It is an occupational last name originated during Olde English pre 7th Century period, and refers to Hunta or Huntian, meaning ‘Hunter’. Harrison Ford is a famous bearer of this surname. Atkinson is a variation of Atkin, a name derived from the many forms of nicknames given to Adam. It is an Old English occupational last name, which refers to the ‘Keeper of the park’. The habitational surname referred to people who lived near a ford. This is another occupational surname, which originated from the Anglo-Saxon tribes in Britain. Actor James Mason is a famous bearer of this last name. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Actress Sienna Miller is a famous bearer of this surname. English patronymic name that means ‘son of John’, which is itself derived from the Hebrew name Johanan, which means ‘Jehovah has favoured’. Dawson is of Anglo-Saxon descent that spread to the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.