You can connect these two furniture pieces with clamps or screws. Divide the curtain wire into three equal segments with curtain clips. It is slim and occupies very little space. You can paint the legs too. Why not plan ahead and take a dining table and make it a desk! Such a desk is ideal for putting a laptop. For a home work station or your kid’s work corner, these simple DIY Ikea desk hacks are going to be your biggest inspirations. It’s gorgeous and so easy to customize. If minimalism runs through your veins, this DIY Ikea desk hack is going to pump that much faster. It’s so versatile. Fix a LEDBerg light under the monitor shelf. Measure and cut the pinewood board. Stain them in the shade that you like. The directions are all in the tutorial so you can create them too. If you are a freelancer, a writer by passion or profession, working from home could get a bit tricky too. #gw_go_portfolio_ikea_hacks .gw-gopf-slider-controls > div { margin-left:6px; } This desk won’t give you very much room or storage, but it is perfect if all you need is space for your laptop and a few pens. May 16, 2020. But, this time, instead of just installing a countertop as a desk, we built the desk out of 2 inexpensive Ikea countertops! sarahmakesstuff, Simple never gets boring! 1. This desk is perfect for a child’s homework station or a craft room. There are hundreds of ideas that people submit. Then wrap the tabletop with marble contact paper. If yes then build them a table from IKEA products. Art desk with storage for tiny studio space . I love the bright white shades on this desk. It’s 16-pages worth of awesome info on how to make money while decluttering and organizing your home!! It makes the table interlocks more resistant. Place non-slip bumper pads on top of the drawer units. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming! Gold Desk Hack by Personally Andrea. Your email address will not be published. Naturally, you can use a longer one, but for most 6 feet desk surface will be large enough, if not too large. 14 Inspiring Ikea Desk Hacks. Also, attach the trestle legs to the tabletop. Optionally, you can also put drawers and cabinet doors in the cubby shelves. With the openable lid and internal storage, individual hidden storage for markers, colors, and everything else will come in so handy. Moreover, you won’t have to buy three or four pints of paint. Yes, you sure can! I love how much storage these drawers give you! If yes then here is an IKEA hack for building a standing desk. You could still fit this minimalist shelf table right on the wall. To make this first you have to place the tabletops in an L shape. Just look at some of the fresh new ways these people updated their desks, often in just minutes! As your desk gets old, changing the tops might be an excellent way to bring them back to life again. For all the details to make and step by step guide with illustrations, head over to the tutorial. This tutorial has the same basic idea as the Jones Design Company above. You will love it’s full and final look and how minimalistic and beautiful it will look. Think again, what about your baby’s abandoned crib? The major challenge faced while designing a home office in a small room is enough storage. You can also extend the table into a memo board like this one. Wrap the sides of the IKEA Alex shelf with wood boards. or enter another. Your email address will not be published. You can also transform your IKEA desk into an expensive-looking work table. So you can still make these; you just have to use the Kallax shelves instead. Gold Desk Hack by Just Bella. Crack your next big DIY project here with our collection of DIY Ikea Desk Hacks. I could spend hours on the IKEA Hackers site. Also, tuck in fabric bins to conceal the storage a bit. Avoid any air bubbles or creases while covering the table drawers with vinyl films. Fix the table legs to a tabletop. lemonthistle, This art desk is all you need to manage your kid’s study table like a pro! The addition of the wall decor is pure perfection and makes the entire look so inviting. If you aren’t particularly handy and don’t want to try and mishmash different parts together, then this hack is for you. Remove the front rail. I know I did! It is low and convenient to use. Then cover the plywood with a paste of henry feather finish and water. This desk exudes Kate Spade’s effortless style and beauty. I love the monochromatic look of this desk. Take a look at these clever ideas. Do you need a space where your kids can sit and do their homework? You will be far more productive on a desk instead of the couch. #gw_go_portfolio_ikea_hacks .gw-gopf-post-more { text-align:center; } If you don’t have a lot of room for a desk, this might be ideal for you. This isn’t our first rodeo using a countertop as a desk — we created an ideal, affordable workspace in both our office and Lilly Singh’s office with this trick. Here’s how. Housing Market Predictions 2021: Will it Crash in 2021. One of the most popular (and easy) IKEA desk hacks is to rest a countertop (like the KARLBY) on top of some ALEX drawers. Alex Drawer units are super popular in the IKEA hacking world. IKEA Hack Countertop Desk. hometalk, This DIY double desk hack is a perfect idea for a shared kid’s space. The whole family can do their work or homework peacefully. 3. You have to paint the table legs with gold spray paint. 2. Y'ALL! How do you use IKEA tabletops to create a desk? The result is lovely and surprisingly effective. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I found a cute idea that stands out above the rest! mrkate, This tutorial is going to add basic and amazing value addition to an Ikea mickey desk. prettyprovid, For a well-managed and easily accessible workspace, this tutorial is going to make you fall in love with DIY all over again. The desk is perfectly designed to give you lots of storage space and places to work on the desktop too. The tutorial will walk you through the step by step guide with illustrations. If you adore minimalism, you’ll love this desk. The floating shelf does not only economize space but also beautifies the wall  of your apartment. IKEA dressers have durable drawers and simple designs. This is a narrow table ideal to fit inside a bedroom. Y'ALL! This hack uses plywood to cover two Ikea dresser units with enough space at the end for a desk… using the plywood in this way makes everything look like one big unit! DIY Plywood Desk + Ikea … Easily and comfortably manage your work at home with these classy DIY Ikea desk hacks. 37. First, you have to spray the hairpin legs with mint-colored spray paint. You can repurpose different items as desktops and then simply attach the legs for an instant desk! September 04, 2020, design projects, inspiration/design tips, home This isn’t our first rodeo using a countertop as a desk — we created an ideal, affordable workspace in both our office and Lilly Singh’s office with this trick. With this tutorial, you can have something this welcoming and adorable at your home. Fix 5 Adil table legs to a Linnmon tabletop. They include the IKEA standing desk hack, IKEA office hack, IKEA computer deks hack, IKEA vittsjo desk, and linnmon desk, among others. Required fields are marked *. For that, you have to attach 6 Capita legs to an Ekby Jarpen wall shelf. Once it is dry, sit this tabletop over the Stuva cabinets. You will need an Ikea Silver tabletop, hairpin legs, screws, and a drill. Trim the pieces at those marks. Sometimes, a small-sized IKEA desk might not be sufficient enough for your activities. #gw_go_portfolio_ikea_hacks .gw-gopf-cats { margin-bottom:20px !important; } Whether you have a co-worker you need to share space with, or children that need to share desks, this hack meets that need. Gold Spray Paint: If you don’t like the look of something, pull out the spray paint.Instantly make your workspace feel more luxe by painting the legs of the IKEA desk gold or copper. How can I make my IKEA look more expensive? This is great for parents who want to work and help with their kids’ homework side by side. You will need 2 countertops, wood clamps, tape measure, power saw, L bracket, and a pocket hole jig. It gives you tons of extra storage space and frees up your desktop so you can accomplish your tasks. This set of Klimpen drawers was made to go with homemade desks. Cut one of the large countertop pieces exactly in half. September 15, 2020, design projects, home Mount the pegboard on the wall. To make it first you have to make the lower tier of the table. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Here’s your shot! thehandymans, Make a totally modular and functional workspace for yourself! 7. The Klimpen drawers are the perfect base. Double that number and measure that amount in on each of the 8 inch strips. Put another drawer dresser in the middle. These tutorials will take you through the entire process, step by step. Fix it on top of the laptop desk. 9. The benefit of making your own table is that you can adjust the size. Try these different IKEA desk setups to create your work station. design projects, diy interiors & crafts, inspiration/design tips, home, DIY Support the aluminum tops using the table legs, the drawer chests, and the CD tower. IKEA drawer with desk for small room I wanted to create a desk space for my daughter, but the room she shares with her brother is very small. The shelves are 15 bucks each. So, recycle the crib into a computer desk. L bracket, design projects, diy interiors & crafts, inspiration/design tips, Breaking Beige This would require you to measure adequately, so you don’t have a wobbly desk in the end. You can easily create multiple workspaces out of the same materials. The mid-century modern influence can be seen in the hairpin legs. I mean…seriously, how do people think of these ideas? It’s amazing! This makes for a lot of fun and creativity when it comes to designing your perfect custom space. But with a proper desk, you can fit right in that corner with more room to work. I know many of these IKEA desk hacks are just that- desk hacks. All you have to do is to fix an IKEA shelf with brackets on a wall. #gw_go_portfolio_ikea_hacks .gw-gopf-cats > span { margin-left:6px; } Besides, a larger countertop will also be heavier and will put additional stress on the legs / frame.