Unfortunately it is the only surviving specimen. Since 2011, some 45,000 Mexicans have visited it for free, according to museum data. The Weltmuseum Wien (former Museum of Ethnology) in Vienna is the largest anthropological museum in Austria, established in 1876. It is no surprise that the plume is very special to Mexican citizens, as it is to us as well. Copyright law strictly prohibits copying all or part of Excelsior’s materials without having previously obtained written permission and without including the link to the original text. 94,855 older adults died more than expected, as well as 77,146 Mexicans between 45 and 64 years old, and 12,879 between 20 and 44 years old. [2] The museum re-opened on October 25, 2017 with 14 galleries and 5 temporary exhibitions. What would be the best solution in this case? According to several accounts, Moctezuma either gave the item to Cortés, or it was stolen, along with a baton, the coat of arms and a pennant. With all the talk about returning the headdress to Mexico and the friction between Mexico and Austria this piece causes, I found it quite shocking that it has not been available for viewing for such a long time. During the health emergency there have been an excess of 718 deaths a day, 30 every hour, one every 2 minutes. Moctezuma’s headdress is currently in Vienna’s Museum of the World and it sparked a controversy in 1991 over the ownership of its treasure. “Almost 200 thousand more deaths is chilling. When the Mexican president claimed it, all the Austrian newspapers published the news. xfbml : true, “The pandemic is not giving in and it is not going to give in and it will undoubtedly have an answer when there is a vaccine, but the structural chaos of death and disease that it is causing now does not allow austerity. It is one of the most famous pieces in Vienna. In 2012, it was exhibited again after a restoration by Mexican and Austrian experts. Read also: Mexico urges Austria to return Moctezuma's headdress. Covid-19 will probably be the first cause of death in the country. We believe that the plume still exists because we have cared for it. 2020-11-12T18:31:07.279Z, Future "pandemic insurance" will not cover Covid-19 Required fields are marked *. But everyone in Austria knows him because he appears frequently in the newspapers. Within the framework of a European tour, López Obrador has asked Italy to lend Mexico the Florentine and Cospi Codexes, while he has also requested the participation, next year, of Pope Francis. 2020-11-12T18:35:38.956Z, Thuringia: Björn Höcke fails in election to the secret service commission This feaethered headdress, or kopilli ketzalli currently sits in the Vienna Museum of Ethnology. Mexico City, Mexico / Thu, October 15, 2020 / 08:07 pm The Penacho feather headdress allegedly worn by Aztec emperor Moctezuma II is displayed at the Museum fur Volkerkunde (Museum of Ethnology… 2020-11-12T18:30:49.678Z, "The number of Saudi women who do not wear a veil is increasing rapidly" Cortés is believed to have later sent it to Emperor Carlos I, of the House of Habsburg. An assessment of the relic - said to have belonged to Aztec emperor Moctezuma - had concluded it was too fragile to be moved, said Sabine Haag, head of the KHM museums' association that includes Vienna's Museum of Ethnology, which holds the headdress. They expect 2020 to close with 1 million deaths. Why is it known in Mexico by that name: the Moctezuma plume? According to the statistical bulletin on excess mortality from all causes during the covid-19 emergency, 410,539 men died in the first nine months of the year, 122,397 more than were expected to die in that period. www.excelsior.com.mx, Your email address will not be published. Mexican citizens who present their passport at the entrance of the museum can still see the artefact for free.