This ensures that the chicken will be succulent on the inside while having a lovely crispy coating. How does soaking in milk work? Once it has curdled, you can then use it as an alternative to shop-bought buttermilk. Sprinkle salt into your marinade and add some water if you wish. The brine penetrates the chicken with flavor, but also makes the chicken too wet to fry. They work together on the meat proteins causing them to break down and tenderize. So let’s talk fried chicken. For the chicken: Wash chicken pieces and pat dry with paper towels. These tools are available in kitchen supply stores. Don't use aluminum containers; they can create gross metallic flavors. However, marinating chicken in buttermilk or yogurt for only an hour or so can significantly differentiate the texture of the cooked chicken. This also allows the flavors and juices to penetrate into the meat for more juiciness. You can use either full or low-fat yogurts. Sounded perfect. You want a “nice thin coating, where you still taste the chicken,” Melvin says. Providing you haven’t overcooked your chicken, carving it immediately, and not letting it rest will not be a total disaster. So I wanted to make Gordon Ramsay's buttermilk fried chicken Recipe. Soak it in water, and it becomes soft. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Here are the methods on how to tenderize chicken. Combine 3 tablespoons house seasoning with 1 teaspoon black pepper in a small bowl, then generously sprinkle each piece of chicken with the seasoning mixture. You can also use zip top bags and rolling pin if plastic wrap and mallets are not available. Milk substitutes You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But, do you care how your chicken looks? This causes the bubblegum consistency of the chicken meat. One commenter noted that she prefers using a saltwater mixture because she (like a few others who responded) is lactose intolerant. To understand both sides, let’s take a look at what buttermilk and salt water actually do to chicken. When you cook meat or poultry, the heat breaks down the collagen. This enables the redistribution of the juices in the meat. The answer to the question of what happens when you marinate the pork in milk is – good things happen! As the marinading process continues, the meat or poultry gets more acidic, which enables it to absorb more moisture. Keep in mind that old chicken will yield you a tough chicken meat. Ever wonder why your favorite chicken recipe in your favorite restaurant tastes good and tender? It’s just like guessing what the secret ingredient of something is. You can also add pepper and other spices which work well with the slight yogurt flavor. When it’s cooked properly, chicken is capable of turning a boring meal into a delicious feast. Using yogurt to marinate chicken can be a good substitute. The most frequently used marinades are acidic. So grab a kitchen thermometer, and go with the marinating method that speaks to you. Now, it got you thinking what they did that you simply can’t figure out. Acid-based marinades are ideal for curry recipes. You can either buy commercial marinades or make your own marinade versions. However, it would be better if you won’t overcook it because this can remove the moisture and the tightening of the proteins. Let’s find out. 4 Ways to tenderize chicken The great fried chicken goal is, of course, a crispy, not-so-greasy outer crust with a juicy, well-seasoned interior. Cooking chicken slowly breaks down the proteins and allows for more tender meat. After choosing which marinade you will use, marinate the chicken meat for an hour or more. Resting the chicken after it has cooked will allow the juices to spread throughout the meat. Both work equally well. I am a buttermilk girl. You can go down the DIY route and use an ordinary, clean hammer instead, although, because it has a smooth head rather than a spiky one, it won’t be as effective as a shop-bought meat tenderizing tool. However, it won’t be as effective as the meat tenderizing tool because of its smooth head. But, to ensure that the chicken cooks evenly, it is best to tenderize the meat before cooking.