Ascend the scaffolding until you reach its peak. Beware of the enemies waiting on the other side. Having just cleared an area, disable bullet time and wait for it to replenish before continuing onward. Another van pulls up as Vinnie attempts to open a door. Head to the left and watch as a housewife blows away an enemy. Enemies appear from in front of you. It's locked. Go down the hall to the right. Try the door. Go right and spot the open window. Go up to the upper ledge and turn to the left to see another ledge you can jump to. Watch for enemies in the stairwells. Follow the doors until you meet the crew. Exit and enter the first room on your left. Enter the elevator on the left and use its controls. Search the room for painkillers then go right. The concept remains the same, however; get close and crush the enemy at close-range. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. Three more guards patrol near the double doors at the far end of the hallway. Leap over and go to the door. Shoot the guard below. Head toward the front door and enter. Kill those guards and more that enter from the door. Go off to the left and wait for them to pursue and ambush them. When that time comes, your last resort might be to utilize Max Payne 2's cheat codes. Jump through the hole to the left and turn right. This category shows all Max Payne 2 Chapters. Go up and enter the room. I meant the continuation of the subway. During the game, press the ~ key to open the console. And a customer is someone you serve regardless of the monetary amount exchanged. Enable bullet time, move to the right, and kill the two cleaners. Check out the small memorial inside. Virus scan. Attack the incoming enemies from this position. Approach the front door to end the chapter. So your target box reads: "…\MaxPayne2.exe" -developer. Uploaded by Ragnar3596. In 1 collection by Banshee64. Walk to the end of the hall and kill the three cleaners. Walk along the ledge to the left until you reach the dead-end. You will likely need to use some painkillers to survive. A good strategy when encountering a new group of enemies is to try and lure them through a doorway or around a corner giving you the opportunity to ambush them with bullet time and a huge dose of weaponry. When the debris above starts to fall, walk in front of the door. Exit the cage and enter the red doors on the right. Vlad is on the top platform. Turn around and go into the first left. You can also go downstairs and listen to the dispatch, talk to the front desk receptionist, check the bathroom for "When It's Done" and even go to the parking garage to listen to a conversation between Broussard and Miller, an in-joke for those familiar with 3D Realms. Assist the crew in their mob war--though the crew will eventually turn on you! Go to the far door on the right and get word from Max again. You can follow her inside and grab a free shotgun. Here's the room with the collapsed floor. To move the game along, the player is told what the next objective is through Max's internal monologue, in which Max iterates what his next steps should be. Move past the corpses and toward the intersection. Once it falls, the final battle remains. From this position you can take out the cleaners and Kaufman with your sniper rifle. Utilize your grenades (more can be found on the staircase). Activate bullet time before entering a room or rounding a corner and you can get a jump on any of the enemies in the next area. Open the door on the left and enter the stairwell. Enable bullet time and engage. Enter the left double doors. Here's a secret room containing a tribute. Grenades and Molotov cocktails offer a secondary means of damaging enemies. Subscribed. Use the table as cover and blast him. Enemies arrive while you are traversing the ledges. Kill all guards and the chapter ends. Find some painkillers inside to the right. Prologue (Waking Up from the American Dream), To get the hidden ending, you must beat the game on Dead on Arrival difficulty mode. Bullet time is your ally here. Revived the ProjectArt: New Skins & Weapons, Graphic Novels, Menus, Loading Screens,HUD, "Previously" video, Scripting: Gameplay, Levels (Textures and Effects), Weapons, Skins,MenusRagnaRock Entrance (DMW) (version 1.01)ReadMe, MERCENARIES COMPANY- Valkyr Rage Beta which this mod is based on (including mostimported skins and weapons from MP1)- Ragdoll physics from Cop vs Cops 1.2- The UnOfficial Weapon Patch (by AntiEvil), CHARACTER PERFORMANCES IN ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVELS- Sam Lake as Max Payne- Marko Saaresto as Vladimir Lem- Olli Tukiainen as Vinnie Gognitti- Markku Järvi as Alfred Woden, MAX PAYNE REMASTERED 1.3- High-Quality MP1 textures imported for some of the levels, CAPTAIN NEMO- Roscoe Street Station levels, DRDEAN, GERA_PAYNE, NINJA_NUB, SLEEPER- MaxPayne HD model, THE SILVER- Template for MP5 scoped texture. Exit the door on the right and use the phone at the desk. Ascend the staircase and note the red barrel and containers: these are explosives and can be shot when found for added damage. 20 items. Descend the stairs and Mona tells you that there are more cleaners in the next lobby. There's a guy sleeping here. Watch out for an enemy toward the top of the scaffolding. You can only carry eight painkillers at a time, so if you are currently holding eight, have suffered some damage, and discover a medical crate with a few more bottles of pain killers, don't pass them up. You can shoot them when the enemies emerge but it will bust the walkway. Hop down the stairs and annihilate the commandos as they try to pile out of the back of the van. Descend the staircase. Search the bathroom for painkillers. Target the red barrel or green gas can to eliminate them quickly and easily. I have so far managed to: Use the microphone and kill the guard that enters. You should also use grenades to create some devastating chain reactions. You'll find more supplies in the cabinet to the right of the front door. Max Payne 2 Weapon Models. Annihilate the two guards at the top of the stairs. Enter the recreational room. Go to the left so you avoid fire from the upstairs enemies. Exit the fiery cell and go left. Drop down another hole and go to the double doors. When less projectiles strike the target, the target sustains less damage. Utilize bullet time and take out the enemies. Clear any enemy you can, then retrace your steps to the level's start. Shoot the red boxes for added damage. You can even kill him before entering the room to get a jump on him or even tell him to go in first and get the jump on them that way. Link to Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne OLD SCHOOL MOD by selecting a button and using the embed code provided, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne OLD SCHOOL MOD, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne OLD SCHOOL MOD Release Date + 18th birthday of Max Payne 1.