Smoke from Water Bottom is the scene incredible mist rising to the sky from underwater. We have put together a list of what we consider to be the five most beautiful natural wonders in China. → Pair your outfit with this exclusive and stylish collection! Location: Yangtze River, Chongqing & Yichang, Hubei, China. Get the luck to enjoy the Clouds Sea on a mountain top, you will gasp in great admiration at the fantastic experience on this land, as if you already ascended into immortal. Thrilling Glass Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain, Sapphire Tianchi Lake on Changbai Mountain, Most Amazing Natural Palette around Baishan Lake, Impetuous Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River, Century → Carry a versatile and sturdy bag for more of your travel convenience! Lose yourself in the picture-postcard karst landscape with some outdoor activities to get familiar with this natural wonder, such as riding a bike or walking between the paddy fields to embrace nature in China. Sometimes compared to Bryce Canyon in US, Wulingyuan is a group of tightly packed 200-meter-tall sandstone pinnacles with greenish-white cedars. "A classy and elegant suit with a sprinkle of sexiness! An overlook from the western Red & White Mountain, all will be shocked by the vast expanse of Taklamakan Desert. Furthermore, you might want to see these must-have China travel essentials. Given the vast landmass of China, the great artist Nature has too much talent to elaborate. $171-$222, From Euphrates poplars are the prominent warriors and beauty standing in the boundless barren.Climate of Taklamakan Desert is extremely harsh and tough, average annual precipitation is under 100mm while evaporation highs to nearly 3000mm, huge temperature difference between day and night, and reaches to over 60 Celsius degree in summer days and minus 20 degrees. As a paradise for adventurers, here are countless vertical cliffs, beautiful Golden Whip Brook, thrilling glass skywalk encircling Tianmen Mountain for 60m, the highest water-eroded mountain cave – Tianmen Cave, frightening Yaozi Village, best views of all the peculiar peaks and top stone bridge in broad Yuanjiajie, One Step to Reach the Sky in the lasted discovered Yangjiajie with dense forest, shrinking fairyland to watch the most original natural landscape in Tianzi Mountain, perfect site to watch sunrise in lion-like Huangshi Village…, >> 3 Days Zhangjiajie Natural Beauty Tour, >> 4 Days Zhangjiajie Exciting Adventure with Glass Bridge. A hike over two days will give you the answer. Before ending your trip in China, take some R & R in the beach or end your itinerary at Yalong Bay. So you are in China, but you want to experience a romantic river cruise a la Vienna style. Heaven Lake is a crater lake that sits on the border between China and North Korea. Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province Picture this –gradient of blue and turquoise pools surrounded by snow-capped peaks, multi-tiered waterfalls, and extensively rich wildlife. Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Diqing Zangzuzizhizhou, China. Then the Songhua River continuously release vapour, which later congeal on the trees and grasses as Rime in 40~60 mm. Natural Wonders in China Discover 20 unusual natural wonders in China. No one calls a place “Heaven” if it doesn’t look heavenly, but the sight of Heaven Lake is definitely one for the books and its name is never to be argued. And the waterfall group falls from 68m height is the major spot to witness the magnificent flow from Tianchi Lake. Dreaming of exploring the most mesmerizing places to visit in ... 26 Coolest And Safest Places To Travel Alone In The US, 29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers, 34 Gorgeous And Can’t-Miss Places To Visit In Europe. The main sightseeing area - Big Stone Forest provides many animal style taupe stones and peaks rising up to the sky, which constitutes of a vivid zoo scene.