Then glory, my Jeanie, maun plead my excuse,  Feedback/Contact> Though hurricanes rise, though rise ev'ry wind,     Castles> Your email address will not be published. Fill to me the parting glass,     Edinburgh> maun=must.  Genealogy>, Government>  Castle Photo Library> Traditional Scottish Songs - Farewell to Lochaber.     Alphabetic List>  St Andrew Societies>     Castle Collections>  Scottish Festivals>  Tartans> EMAIL: [email protected], Toast a loved one goodbye with a sweet melody, A country take on the Pearl Jam classic reminds us to pause amid the chaos of life, The 9-year longitudinal study looked at depression, stroke incidence and race, Fulfilling a promise, my dear friend Harvey shot the woman he loved and then himself.  Haunted Castles> Tho loudest of thunders or louder waves roar,  Great Places to Eat> When’s a good time for talking about death?  Gaelic/Scots>     Central> Before Robert Burns wrote “Auld Lang Syne” — a tune still greatly favored to say goodbye to the year as it goes out — it was purpotedly the most popular song in Scotland and Ireland to wrap up a night of joviality with good friends. I'll bring a heart to thee, with love running o'er, As a life comes to its end, many of us seek and wish this kind of resolution.  Poetry from Scotland> Then gently rise and softly call,  History Quiz>     Across Scotland> ‘Alas it was to none but me.     Airline Services> Goodnight and joy be with you all.  Slideshow 2008> And then I'll leave thee an' Lochaber no more.  Shopping>  Scots/Gaelic> The traditional Scottish farewell song “The Parting Glass” is best paired with a loved one’s favorite drink and some warm-hearted company.  Tartan Day> Email [email protected], Top 10 traditional Scottish funeral music. That I should rise and you should not, Ashokan farewell – nice Folk Alley sessions version here of this one written by an American but in the traditional Scottish mode.  Scottish Myths & Legends>  Webcams in Scotland>.  Architecture>  Scottish Place Names> And beauty and love's the reward of the brave,  Scottish Forenames>  Poetry>  Magazines> 4.     Animals> Required fields are marked *, CALL: (415) 431-3717   Hours: 9AM-5PM PST. I go then, my lass, to win honour and fame;     Regiments> And all I’ve done for want of wit, Traditional Scottish Songs - Farewell to Lochaber. Your email address will not be published.     Festivals> There's nothing like leavin' my love on the shore.  Glasgow Photo Library> And drink a health whate’er befalls,  Famous Scots>  Butterflies of Scotland>