Austria, Vienna, Hofburg Palace, statues,,, View of Hofburg, the imperial palace of the Habsburgs, from Michaelerplatz Vienna, Austria,, Austria, Vienna, Hofburg imperial palace, St. Michael's Gate with Hercules statues,, Austria, Vienna, Hofburg Imperial Palace, the St Michael gate with the Hercules statues,, View of Hofburg (In der Burg courtyard), the imperial palace of the Habsburgs, from Michaelerplatz Vienna, Austria,, Hofburg Palace Statues Vienna Austria power by sea fountain by Rudolf Weyr,,, Austria, Vienna, Michaelerplatz, Vienna Hofburg, St. Michael's Wing, view of St. Michael's Gate with monumental Hercules statues, Austria, Vienna, Hofburg, Neue Burg, Imperial Palace, Erzherzog Karl, Prinz Eugen, statues,, Statue of Hercules at the entrance of the Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria,, Hofburg Palace gate in Vienna, Austria, Europe, A great deal of European history was written here, in particular by Empress Maria and, for a while, the German Emperor (today, it's the official seat of the Austrian Head of State, the Federal President). It shows three busts of the most important social democratic politicians of the First Republic, from 1918 to 1938. The Mozart monument started life in 1896 in front of the Albertina palace, where it gave its name to a nearby café and then suffered bomb damage during the last days of WWII. The statue in the centre portrays Charles VI as the Holy Roman Emperor and the artwork is attributed to Antonio Corradini. The Augustinian Church bordering the library is connected to the Hofburg as part of the expansion. Public square and gardens in back of the old imperial Hofburg Palace, with imposing statues, Hofburg residence and greek style statues, Roof Statues in Hofburg Quarters in Vienna, Statues in Hofburg, in Vienna(Wien), Austria (Osterreich). After repairs, the statue relocated to the Burggarten park in 1953 (leaving the café to do a bit of explaining). Enter your log in email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Heldenplatz ('Hero's square'), outside Hofburg palace, Vienna, Austria. Copyright © 2000-2020 Dreamstime. Austria. The entrance to the museums is directly below the great copper dome called the Michaelerkuppel, reached via the Michaelertor, the gate on the north-eastern side of the palace … Sorry, this image isn't available for this licence. Terms and conditions  ~   Vienna's Imperial Palace, the Hofburg, was for centuries the seat of the Habsburgs, rulers of Austria until the end of WWI. The Hofburg Palace is the former imperial palace which forms the of,, Statue Outside of The Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria, Central Europe,, Statue in the courtyard of the Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna, Austria, Europa,