There is also another Jeter-centric set at Target that includes Derek Jeter Reprint Relics. PARALLEL CARDS: Maple Wood #/25, Ash Wood #/10 or less, Birch Wood 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo). 18 cards. All these signed cards include Red (#'d) and one-of-one Platinum parallels. I’m guessing that is what Topps was going for in the FFA set, but the end result was not quite the same. Exclusive to Hobby and Jumbo boxes, MLB All-Star Team Medallions and MLB Spring Training Logo Patch both opt for commemorative relics. No glossy feel. Total Cards: 725. Also, Connection staff, need to update for the blackless parallels. Its really neat to see how TOPPS has changed over the years and the players too. retired by Topps in 1996 in honor of Mickey Mantle was unretired and Baseball; Sets; 2017; Overview; 2017 Topps Heritage. *There are multiple cards for David Ortiz. Major League Material Relics, Postseason Performance Relics and World Series Champion Autograph Relics largely follow their signed counterparts with base versions along with Red (#'d) and one-of-one Platinum parallels. One note about cards, I’ve just bought all the Maris variants on eBay. Hopefully the design looks good when it comes out but they should include at least one more hit or if not give us 2 autographs instead of 1. Looking forward to numbers being added to solve this mystery. There is just so much to take in and revisit in every box, it is easy to get lost in it. With one hit, likely to be a plain relic, per box, the only other chance for value is a low-numbered parallel or variation. His box did not have the guaranteed 2 autos nor redemption cards. All Rights Reserved, 700-Card Base Set with premium 24-point card stock. Shop complete sets on eBay. "What have you done for me lately" is evident with the incomplete statistics on the back. Good: Unique parallels for each base subset, lots of Derek Jeter love, hard-signed autographs. Serial Numbered #/99 or less. It looks like a rejected Stadium Club design and the inserts are some of the most unispired cards ever created. He was with the Red Sox then not an Oakland . 2017 Topps Baseball Complete Retail Factory Set (705 Cards) with 2 Aaron Judge Rookies. You mainly have to hope for a short-print signer. Obviously luck was on my side here as Archives odds are very hard to pull. BRING BACK THE TOTAL STATS. I like the concept of of mixing in past players. 18 cards. There is also a five-card All-Star version featuring new images for star players on the flagship design. When i first started collecting in 1978 there were no inserts until the early 90s. Gallery | I opened the packs and got a bunch of 2015 baseball update cards? Only good thing is the rookies. Teams | Errors / Variations | It’s more of a lottery ticket with worse odds than a scratch off. Boxes will note the exclusives found inside. - Glossary Buy 2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball boxes at Fanatics. Happ / Rick Porcello LL, SP, VAR, Robbie Ray / Madison Bumgarner / Max Scherzer LL, Arizona Diamondbacks / San Francisco Giants / Washington Nationals, Justin Verlander / Chris Sale / Chris Archer LL, Detroit Tigers / Chicago White Sox / Tampa Bay Rays. Issued in October straight from Topps' online store, the 2017 Topps Baseball Complete Set Limited boxes package the 700-card set in a special format. McGwire as a Cardinal? Looking forward to bowman, my favorite set to collect. Other versions of the 2017 Topps Baseball Complete Set include retail and online-only editions. Not letting me use the “reply” button, but thanks, Trey! - Gallery Is that possible? 2017 Topps Bunt Baseball Base. I would think it is a parallel but it doesn’t have a serial number. What a bunch of garbage! I wish the backs of the base set listed complete player stats instead of just 5 years. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Highlighting stars from multiple eras, the 1959 Bazooka Baseball design has been tweaked to fit in regular packs. But cards need to have the players total MLB stats on the back of them. A fun break, brings back happy memories. Hobby/Jumbo. May 18, Overall odds - 1:12 packs. FREE Shipping by Amazon. I think it should either go back to trio cards or only feature the #1 leader. That seems very misleading. While most of the same parallels listed above apply to the SP cards, there is no Blue Foil edition. This mostly has junk parallels/autographs only the fat middle aged men care about. Hall of Famers | Rookies | Zeroing in more, variations are another checklist aspect that is more focused. The largely inexpensive factory set packages all 350 base cards from the 2017 Topps Series 1 checklist, along with 350 more base cards from Series 2, to make a complete flagship base set of 700 cards. SP PARALLELS: Green Foil #/99 (1:2,782), Gold Foil #/50 (1:5,525), Red Foil #/10 (1:26,520), Orange Foil 1/1 (1:198,900). Love the Fan Favorite autos. 4 I am happy that Topps has done away with the foil names. Never seen this before. Product Configuration: Jumbo - 50 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 6 boxes per case. Hobby pack odds noted below. Jones? To only list Big Papi’s last 5 seasons stats doesn’t do it for me. Jackie Robinson Day Commemorative Logo Patch cards are available in 101 count boxes (10 packs of base cards and 1 Patch card in separate Gold Wrapper). Unclear why? Get full details, hobby box breakdown, release date and other important info. 95. Why can’t they use the same logos they did on the original set? Topps is clearly open to tweaking so I hope they keep making changes to see what works and not simply resort to stuffing basic variations into every set. I bought four more for less than half the cost of a box! I buy a couple of Blaster Boxes when they come out to see what they look like and then i buy a Jumbo box to help me build the set. The 350-card base set includes top stars and key rookies in the first flagship release for the '17 season. Thanks! Offering two signed cards per box, 2017 Topps Archives Baseball is led by several on-card autograph inserts. I just don’t like the look of these at all. 1st Topps base set to include incomplete statistics since 1971. Far too much clutter and worthless junk insert sets, even more than ever. The design is pedestrian and the inserts are really derivative. Parallels include Blue (1 per pack), Black (1 per box), Green (#/99), Orange (#/50), Purple (#/25), Red (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1). PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/99, Black #/50, Platinum 1/1. Following the Desert Shield parallels in 2016, I liked that Topps extended the concept to all three subsets this time around with the 1960 Grey Back, 1982 Blackless and 1992 Gold Winner. Whats the point in having them in Walmart and Target, if you can’t get the best of the best? While there is not much else to the hobby version of 2017 Topps Baseball Complete Set, it does contain an extra pack that yields five random Foilboard (#/175) parallels which mirror the 700-card set. Jeter Update: Building on the retro choices in 2017 Topps Archives Baseball, Yankees legend Derek Jeter is honored with Derek Jeter Retrospective inserts at 1:12 packs (or one per blaster). Politics aside, the Jeter Bush Mantle card is still an amazing piece of card board. Just please NUMBER the inserts instead of using initials! I can't find it anywhere within the card listings. 100 cards. External Links | 2 per box. Retail only. Short print SP odds - 1:240 packs. Hobby/Jumbo. The biggest issue though for me is the lack of value on the boxes especially when compared to other products available. It’s not that hard to highlight in darker ink the league leading stats of these famous hitters or even of current hitters. The box used for this review was provided by Topps. The "old folks get out" mentality is evident with the lack of manager and coaches cards. Videos | Sporting a new design, the 2017 Topps Bunt Baseball base set totals 200 top veterans and rookies. I’m not sure how set collectors feel about the removal of the high-number SPs, but the full base set should be easier to build. Change Log | PARALLEL CARDS: Soft Red #/25 (1:961), Black 1/1 (1:23,400). There are also more limited options with the case-hit Derek Jeter Retrospective Short Prints. I cannot get use to it. In his rookie card year? Promising "wide-ranging improvements," 2017 Topps Archives Baseball returns as a nostalgia-focused set. The odds are noted above but it’s 1:110 hobby packs overall for the subset parallels, so pretty tough. 2017 Topps Heritage - 1968 Poster Box Loader - Print Run 50 - One of these was added to some boxes, laying in the box. At a suggested retail price of $27,000, 2017 Topps Transcendent Baseball Cards is THE most lavish, premiere, high end case of Baseball cards available. PARALLEL CARDS: Peach #/150 (1:73), Light Blue #/75 (1:146), Soft Red #/25 (1:437), Gold 1/1 (1:10,752). Come on, Topps!? Why on earth are they using the 1982 design again??? The thrill of opening up a pack of cards will never leave me. Love the concept, hate the design choices, and the lack of a Molitor card breaks my heart. Always buy jumbo boxes as there more bang for your buck. Both inserts add color parallels. Also could be found was a separate print run of 10, of 18 different posters that where … I liked this product. While each design evokes a different reaction, I did enjoy the 1960 base and inserts. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. I also like the inserts. I give this product four stars. Lots stick together. From a truly collecting perspective, Series 1 is hard to beat, but it may try to do too much. Showing that Topps may eventually put photo variations in every set, 2017 Topps Archives Baseball essentially trades base short prints for new image swaps. Thats when they started putting Gold Label parrellels inserted one per pack. From what I know in the past this not the full list of rookies TOPPS is late at PUTING all the updates up, TOPPS is always late PUTING out updated list. Any info would be greatly appreciated. He was on a one-way ticket to Cooperstown, and it saddened me that I once again had to relive this tragedy. Hmm… only two Twins in the base checklist, zero Twins autographs, and not a single Twins insert card… Hard pass on this one. Full base set (+ 5-6 extra cards noted on the box). I’ve really enjoyed collecting again for just fun, building sets, and pc players. - Packaging I collect today for the same reasons that I collected in 1987, and I can no longer do that with these soul-less releases. Very similar are the Jackie Robinson Day inserts. Serial numbered #/10. Offering free cards, 2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball is included in the 2017 Topps Baseball Silver Pack promotion. I’m talking about subjects like Bald Vinny, Skip Bayless and Zach Hample, among others. Shop for 2017 Topps Baseball Complete Set Retail Boxes on eBay.