The information on the beginning of the Independence of Mexico movement took a long time to reach the then Villa de Chihuahua, where in practice it had no effect, because of this The Realists decided that the trial of the insurgents apprehended in Acatita de Baján will be held in Chihuahua. Until the establishment of foreign manufacturing plants in the 1970s, the city was largely a trade post for cattle and agricultural products. In recent years, gated residential zones called "fraccionamientos", along with colonias, have been erected. The literacy rate in the city is among the highest in the country at 98%; 35% of the population is aged 14 or below, 60% between 15 and 65 and 5% over 65. [4] This report also ranks Chihuahua as the most Socially Competitive city in the country.[4]. From this moment Chihuahua became the obligatory reference for elections in the other northern states and then the entire republic. Another report about competitiveness from the CIDE organization ranks Chihuahua as the second most competitive city in the country just behind Monterrey and ahead of Mexico City. On April 5, 1964, a banishes in the Plaza de Armas, following an act by the PRI candidate for the presidency of the republic, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, which ends in the burning of the temple by protesters. Travel in large groups usually isn't practical because of the limited supplies available in the backcountry. They disappeared in early 1922. UNITED NATIONS — The president of the United Nations General Assembly has expressed concern that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio rejected a meeting with him to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the work of the 193-member world organization. MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s northern border state of Chihuahua returned to the highest level of alert and lockdown Friday after coronavirus cases jumped there and hospitals began to fill up. This light industry also requires professionals, both for manufacturing and for management; this training is provided by universities such as the Universidád Autónoma de Chihuahua,[20] the Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua and Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua II. Before these events on Friday, Borissov had met with visiting U.S. During the presidency of Porfirio Díaz the city experienced explosive growth and became one of the most important cities in Mexico. The Plaza Mayor is an important square in the downtown that displays fountains, green spaces and a collection of monuments depicting local heroes. In the name of the king of Spain came the "visitors" to investigate the morality and justice of the kingdoms and to collect taxes. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE VIRUS OUTBREAK: — France surpasses 1 million coronavirus cases, — WHO says Northern hemisphere at ‘critical juncture’ with rising cases, deaths, — FDA approves first COVID-19 drug: antiviral remdesivir. St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center announced Friday afternoon that anyone needing treatment who is under the age of 18 will be sent to a hospital in Boise — 128 miles (206 kilometres) away. There have been 1,756 deaths in Wales, which has a population of about 3 million. On January 4, 1858, within the War of Reformation, which generally dominated the liberal party with the exception of two short seasons in which the conservatives occupied the capital by armed hands, Lieutenant Colonel Bruno Arriada and Mr. Juan N. Bárcenas seduced the garrison forces, proclaimed the Tacubaya Plan and set a half-hour deadline for the governor, Mr. Antonio Ochoa, to sign his accession. The population growth of the city creates the need to look for new sources to provide it with water and on September 16, 1908, the Chuvíscar dam was inaugurated, with a capacity of five million cubic meters of water, the cost was one million pesos.