This was taken from a lore note from a house connected to the Great Bridge and it was great to see lore and gameplay mechanics be integrated in such a subtle way. After staggering the Cleric Beast through this method, the player must wait until it heals its limbs, which is seen by a short animation where a dull red glow briefly engulfs the Cleric Beast's chest. Otherwise, repeatedly baiting the Cleric Beast's jump attack and taking advantage of its recovery time is, though not an efficient tactic, viable. To ensure they are still a challenge, boss health. Another way one can be possessed by the spirit of the Wendigo is through excessive greed and gluttony. Cleric Beast (聖職者の獣 Seishoku-sha no kemono lit. The cleric beasts owe their name to a rumor that they were originally members of Yharnam's clergy transformed by the old blood. Firstly, stock up on Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets and Molotov Cocktails before facing the Cleric Beast. So if you're looking around for a bear with claw 3, and you want to double check before you waste the time taming it, you pop beast lore… The original was done with a synthesizer, while the one we hear in-game was performed by a live orchestra. Given that she was the Vicar of the Healing Church and had access to the Upper Cathedral Ward, her Insight would have to be WAY up there. The silver sword is a symbol of a Church hunter. I haven’t delved much into the Latin translation of the song but sanguine sanctum keeps popping up in the lyrics, fitting for a boss that’s directly related to the Healing Church. honestly there are some very unclear things about the nightmare and dream realms that I don't fully understand yet.Your website is very helpful for explaining the lore, thanks!destiny carries. disadvantage, so try to fight using the full length of the bridge to keep a safe distance between yourself and the This may take new players some time to defeat but once you figure it out you should be a lot easier on later fights. Powered by. } It's very easy to get backed into a corner and end up fighting in close quarters, which puts you at a severe This is often the first boss that a player will encounter however it is only an optional boss that does not need to be slain. First day of May and my daily challenge from here on forth is to fill up this blog with whatever writing or thoughts come to my mind and the first in the series of writing will be about FromSoftware’s PS4-exclusive Bloodborne. Worth mentioning that the now-popular depiction of the Wendigo as a kind of undead dear-man hybrid is a really modern creation, originally conjured up by Larry Fassenden's movies about the legend and cemented when they became a Pathfinder monster.