Because of this, Deadpool emerges as the victor of this round. Matt Reeves to Direct Ben Affleck's Batman Movie, Will 'Justice League' Be Any Good? After illegally joining the U.S. military at the age of 16, he fought in Korea for years where his skill earned the attention of an experimental serum program and the lovely Captain Adeline Kane. Wiz: He did this with a sword made of Carbonadium, an alloy capable of nullifying healing factors. A Terminator if you will. It isn't known how big or small a role Deathstroke may play in Justice League. Fans of the old show call it the Devil and the show laughingly flips them off in response. Explain how I beat this asshole. KILL IT WITH FIRE! Deadpool: Aw, that's sweet of you guys! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Panels of Deathstroke lashing out appear along with the sounds of screaming and shattering glass. Oh hey, Boomstick! Here's Deathstroke over on the left. RELATED: Merked In The Mouth: 10 Heroes Deadpool Embarrassingly Defeated (And 9 He Made A Complete Fool Of). Wade’s healing factor also cures him from his terminal cancer that is constantly eating away at his body. OW! Maybe that's why he liked my ex-wife. Even though he was wearing the same color scheme as Deathstroke, the Earth-3 version had the physical appearance and behavior of one Deadpool. I mean, turnabout is fair play (this is how Street Fighter got Dan Hibiki, after all), but at least OG Deadpool wasn’t a total carbon copy. The insult was Deadpool calling Sabretooth a Wolverine ripoff, only for Sabretooth to respond, “Tell Slade I said hi.” Even with memory scrubbed, that line still stuck with him deep down all those years. Deadpool makes several references to previous Death Battle combatants throughout the episode. During one of DEATH BATTLE! As mentioned previously, the serum that runs throughout Slade’s body makes him a bit stronger than the average human. A picture of Adeline pointing a gun at Deathstroke is shown before blacking out with a gunshot sound. 2. How Deadpool and Deathstroke Are Different According to Rob Liefeld. The two mercenaries are observing the poster of the latter. Wade LaFarge became a regular villain in the series, at least succeeding in killing Deathstroke’s mother as well as the mothers of Slade’s various children. Scott Koblish would attempt to make the art look like it was straight out of a specific decade. Also, he's got an awesome suit of armor, made up of Kevlar and Nth metal. ", Deadpool says it directly at the viewers. Deadpool teleports behind Deathstroke and cuts him, and Deathstroke falls.