:) Something like chocolate coffee cake. You may know better if your son is allergic to something. Tried ur recipe thrice n all time it cane out excellent. Awesome Rebati, I am glad you liked them. You may even opt for healthier nut butter for baking cookies. Just dust the toppings with some flour and then add it to the batter to prevent it to sink at the bottom. Can we use self raising flour instead? Milk and vinegar: Basically, buttermilk is called for in many eggless cake recipes. I wud love to try it but one concern. Ye cake ki khushboo khushboo khushboo Request noted. Tried for the first time to make from scratch, made 48 cupcakes at first try, but were flawless. Thanks a lot. I want to make layered vanilla and chocolate cake . Tried the WW verison of the cupackes using butter instead of oil… It’s just amaaaazing.. can’t wait to try out the chocolate ganache next. Tried this recipe couple of times and each time the cake turned out to be perfect in taste and texture. I never moisten my cupcakes. I am happy Kusum that this recipe worked for you as well. Which oven do u use .. it might be runing hot and did you use baking standard cups and spoons for baking and measured everything carefully, Can u please give recipe of homemade cone which u send the pic which was filled with cake, Which one faheema , I have never posted home made cones, Hiii Khushboo…Am a gr8 fan of ur bakes…. This is the best eggless chocolate cake receipe. ?thanks a lot for helping us being a begginer baking. If I bake it as a cake,how much kg would it weigh approx, Hi Sukanya, glad to know that you and your family enjoyed it. If your previous bakes have turned well , then this one should too. Once heated on high for 10 minutes lower the heat to low temperature. I tried these chocolate cupcakes with ur basic vanilla buttercream recipe. Vindya , Dates aren’t substitute for cocoa in taste or texture . The second batch will take 2-3 minutes longer to cook . yes you can , but entire recipe will have to be modified, why don’t you use the vanilla cupcake recipe instead . hugs! Will soon feature it on my blog testimonials . It’s mentioned in the post. God Bless! I am planning to bake this chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday and want to coat it with choclate ganache (again ur recipe loved the cake decoration of ur vegan chocolate cake ). What quantity should be used? Dear Khushboo, I am going to try these cupcakes for our kiddo christmas party with christmas themed cupcakes. Hello Jenni, you can remove only 1/4th cup sugar from the recipe. Yes Sam you can. Yes , whipped cream cupcakes are stored in the fridge all times. Which oil should be used i used Sunflower oil today but if you recomend any I will buy ? Sayanee lets work this out.. did you over mix the wheat cake or baked it for long? If you don’t have vinegar – buttermilk/chaas works exactly the same way as vinegar. I haven’t reused Troplite. But add a 1/4 cup less in total keeping everything else the same . Thanks a lot of replying soon….Will bake 2 cakes of 9 inch ND then Frost in between making it 4 layers… Also I didn’t had vinegar so added lemon juice…it worked nicely…loads of love…, Hi khushboo…your recepie is amazing. Thank you once again. I tried ur eggless chocolate cake recipe and it came out really good.. Everyone at home loved it and believe me it’s the best recipe ever.. My kids love cartoon characters on the cake. Hey these look fabulous. Add an extra pinch of soda before baking & Bake that batch 1-2 minutes longer . ?now as my hubbys bday is coming so thought to make cupcakes with this recipe if you don’t mind can I copy your way of presentation (ice cream one)lolz?Plz suggest me as I am not that much experienced to do decorations and frosting how can I easily decorate these cupcakes for his bday?Will be waiting for your reply!! You can store the remaining batter in the fridge till the first batch is cooking . Melanie , honestly I have no idea about high altitude baking. It should fizz. Line a muffin tray with cupcake liners. For the icing, can I hand mix it instead of using a mixer? Can you please comment on it? Will it affect the taste? Thanks a ton! Reduce oil , sugar and liquid. Good luck. Not a very drastic change though. Can I substitute vanilla essence with hazelnut?want to make hazelnut base cake. Your chocolate cupcakes recipe is awesome!! ☺. Let me know the results. The only problem was, it took almost 50-55 minutes to bake (The cavity of my OTG is pretty big, so generally cake take time to bake). Hi Addie, you could use any vinegar on hand. the only sad thing is that the entire lot got polished in a matter of minutes!! Hi! Cracks on the cake or cupcake isn’t a problem as such . My microwave oven is having a temperature setting of 175-185. I made a few Youtube recipes before this one and they were the worst baked goods I’ve ever eaten in my life. Thank you Kiran for a lovely feedback . . All the cupcakes are gorgeous.. Hi dear Please do something, I really wanted to try for the cake also. hi Just dust walnuts with flour that you are using to bake the cake and then gently fold it in once the batter is ready.