Assassin's Creed Revelations presents the most immersive experience available in the series to date and the culmination of Ezio's adventure. I personally used hot glue and then handled the assembly with gloves, but it might be safer to use other strong kinds of glue. You'll need two on both the top and bottom. Nerf Secret Strike AS-1. on Introduction, I just stared playing assassins creed and am working for money to get the gun, 7 years ago Because there are four straps, you'll have to follow these next three steps four times to make four straps. The pipe clamp is made of metal, so if you use hot glue, the metal will get hot! Put a washer over the rivet, and then slip the end of the rivet through the hole and strap from the bottom (again, see the picture). My friends and I really got into Assassin's Creed, so we started making a lot of stuff inspired by our favorite hooded assassin. Put the second washer on the other side where the rivet pokes through the Velcro. Pump the forward pump several times to ready your hidden gun and press the button on the top when you are ready to fire. After the glue dries, you're finished! The Assassin's Creed franchise's most iconic weapon is the Hidden Blade, and it has a more lore-heavy history than one might expect. Now we need to put all the parts together to make a strap. This is important because the strap clamps won't fit properly on the Nerf gun unless you do this.BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GRIND INTO THE TOP OR BOTTOM PIPE! to fire, would one simply hit where the button-trigger-whatever is with their other hand? You'll be left with a very steampunk-esque orange Nerf blaster. Hidden Gun. Tape (any kind that you can get paint on and remove) Take your rivet gun and mount the assembly on it such that the washer on the Velcro side won't fall off, and then just pull the trigger to rivet the whole thing together. Remember to have the soft part of the Velcro strap facing down and to put the strap on the top of the pipe clamp's hole. Start by putting a nice glob of glue inside the loop of the pipe clamp. Velcro Strap (the kind that comes in a loop like tape) Make sure to bend your wrist away from the gun so the dart doesn't hit your hand. TOOLS Once you've made four, move on to the next step! Aiming the Hidden Gun within guards' lines of sight would automatically make them suspicious and when in combat against a small number of guards, aiming it for several seconds would also cause the group to lose morale and eventually flee, though this tactic was i… 6 years ago You want to make as small a hole as you can so the rivet fits in it snugly. Make sure that the top left and the bottom left (and top right and bottom right) straps are lined up so that the straps will overlap when you go to put the hidden gun on!