I think cakes are best if eaten within about 3-4 days. Thank you! It’ll take a very long time to bake, bake unevenly and end up more dense. Oh boy. Every bite is chocolatey, sweet and decadent. Munaty Cooking – A food blog with tasty recipes. Raine. Can’t wait!! Thank you! thank you!!! I made 2x the recipe to make 4, 9 inch cakes. and 2 – I am a big whole wheat flour fan and have not been able to find a good vanilla cake whole wheat recipe (though I do have a great chocolate cake one). I just put this delicious cake in the oven and realized I put 1 cup of milk and not the 1 1/4 like it calls in the recipe! I haven’t tried it with buttermilk to say for sure. Thank you for sharing it. I love all your recipes. Saved your recipe for future. Jenny where can I buy vanilla and cocoa powder? I wouldn’t declare it my favorite flavor, but it’s super important to have a good vanilla cake in your repertoire and most people have trouble finding one they like. Can I replace the Vegetable oil with canola oil? This looks like a fab recipe! thanks for sharing it. Butter has a small amount of water that creates those tender crumbs when the cake is baking. Add a few more sprinkles to the top of the cake. Hi Lindsay. You can find the cupcake version here – Easy Homemade Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe, I tried this cake 2-9″ pans for 30 mins…..and it came out absolutely perfect. Thanks. (including me!). Keywords: best vanilla cake recipe, easy, homemade, from scratch, homemade, moist vanilla cake, basic cake recipe, Tag @lifeloveandsugar on Instagram and hashtag it #lifeloveandsugar. My search may just be over , Hi Lindsay! Refer to, Press sprinkles into the sides of the cake. PS oh and please could you tell me the trick to getting the sprinkles to stay on the side of the cake . Thanks the recipe is easy to follow and yes don’t chinks on the creaming method. It was intentionally added for moisture purposes, so without it you won’t get quite the same result. This was just a test cake so I saved a layer to freeze (want to test the texture after) and the other half I dug into. Thank you Mrs. (or upgrade the regular flour by substitution 10% of the flour with cornstarch / cornflour). This is my go-to Vanilla ABC recipe! I’m not sure if I’ve frozen these layers before. Thanks. I just wanted to make a simple, frosting-less cake for teatime. Beautiful swirls of chocolate and vanilla, a rich and buttery cake made from scratch. made a bit of simple chocolate icing to drizzle over top. OMG, I finally found a moist yellow cake!!! update***this cake took about 56 minutes to bake. But why is the cake crumbling on the top ? How many cupcakes will this recipe make and could you please suggest a baking time/temp? I would like to know if I can frost the cake a night before and leave in the fridge? for the frosting, when you say shortening is it vegetable shortening or butter flavored shortening? I doubled it and put it in three 9” pans and it baked up perfectly. That sounds so festive! Would this be fine under fondant? Hmm, I’m thinking this one would make a good option actually. It’s a matter of flavor. In reading the blog I thought this cake requires 6 eggs? Thanks Jenny!! The final cake is moist, super soft and delicious, with relatively straight forward ingredients and method. I think a standard bundt pan would be too big but a 7 1/2-inch bundt pan would probably work. Thank you! Which did you use.? And it does get even more moist the second day. I’ve been searching for one just like yours. OMG!! Don’t know why but I used to love the yellow cake mix boxed cakes with the chocolate frosting as a kid. I decided to make my marble loaf tonight to make sure I didn’t give a wrong instruction and it came out as always, moist and delicious. . I am going to try to make this cake for my daughters 6th birthday. What a great tasting cake. hello Muna, Your cakes and recipes are straightforward and looks simply delicious. I was wondering if this time I can use chocolate chips instead of cocoa powder? I made it without the frosting as a tea time cake. Hey Lindsay, I made thisc cake for a several times but never wrote it down. Hi Lindsay I was wondering if I use cake flour in this recipe would it still be the same outcome. In the description I believe I mention that a different cake uses 6 egg whites (unless I missed something, which is always possible ). Keep in mind the layers won’t be quite as tall. There is no rule for this, alternate the batter as much or as little as you would like. The cake flour would be fine though. I don’t think there’s an error. Please read my privacy policy. I hope that helps! I don’t typically freeze cakes but usually people freeze the layers and put the cake together later. You eat it the first day and make him wait until day two! they look so good. Or should I not have refrigerated it at all? Thanks! Hi Jenny. This new one is based on feedback from the others. One major problem after 2 to 3 days of baking the cake, it gets sour and strands appear when sliced there’s also an unpleasant smell . I tried a different recipe last night and it came out fluffy and moist. They turned out so delicious! However, once baked, the cakes were soo soft that they were breaking apart slightly. ... Moist Marble Cake Munaty Cooking. Your other cake that was moist vanilla cake i used full eggs by accident and i was in loce with it but some said it tasted like cornbread i will try it tho with eggwhites again and this one aswell see which one i like best. Oh no…I was planning to make this cake again tomorrow( made it twice before) for “Family Day” get together…and I did not save your original recipe….the one before the beaten egg whites. For the sugar, is it Granulated Sugar or Caster Sugar i need to use? To the egg yolks add oil, sugar & vanilla. Seems very strange. Sorry to disappoint you every one else loves it. My husband wanted something sweet but I was out of butter! Warm regards….Elizabeth. Granulated sugar is used for the vanilla cake. Which of your chocolate cake recipe would compliment/go well this vanilla cake recipe? If it’s a round cake pan I don’t think it will work. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I’ve tried various recipes from your website, and I love all of them, especially your no bake oreo cheesecake recipe. How many batches would you have to make for a 5 tiers cake? If it doesn’t for you, then you’d want to measure by weight – 310g. Thank you for your reply. Thank you for sharing with us. Fill cupcake liners 3/4 full and bake for 13-15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out with a few crumbs. I did the recipe 2 timed, once I calculated by eye how much I have to add to make 4 large eggs, and the recipencame out perfect…the next time y thought the eggs were big enough and added the 4, but the recipe came out wrong, not fluffy. https://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/best-chocolate-cake/. How long can it last cos I didn’t see any preservatives in the recipe? I was just wondering if when you say sugar you mean faster sugar? Beat on high speed for about a minute until thick. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. If you can wait a couple of days I am about to post a newer and better version of this recipe that is more moist and has a little more chocolate. Chocolate chips are not a good replacement for powdered cocoa in this recipe because you need the powdered cocoa to create the chocolate swirl. Thank you! Slowly add the milk and mix until well combined. It will become drier day by day but still okay to eat. I also used it for cupcakes and they were amazing. Does this leave a lot left-over? Thank you again for your honest remarks. Now I can see it indeed! Hello Lindsay !