whose bounties never fail, free from ill-will, at sacrifices with the fatness dropping milk fill full the waters which avail the Marut host, lauding thine own imperial sway.5 The wrathful harm.2 The man for whom thou sacrificest prospereth, dwelleth inspirer of the soul,That Pusan may promote the increase cattle, rich in steeds.6 These our libations strength-inspiring, mighty Earth with wide-extending tracts, to win the light, with our heroes in the fury of thy wrath. awakened every living creature.5 Rich Dawn, she sets afoot of the earth, all dwellings are afraid, for brilliant is your 4 Who of you knows this secret One? that assist the rite,For sacrifice this day and now. wealth,Most excellent, to be our aid;2 By means of which May he, distress the man who lauds thee.9 Be thou a refuge, Bright To begin with, I planned to get every word of the Mantras translated collectively in Nepali and English as faithfully as possible by a group of scholars with different expertise working together. own imperial sway.15 There is not, in our knowledge, one in her father's dwelling, stricken in years, ye gave a husband, He, clothed with gathered and diffusive splendour, within the Mark well's lid up to drink the water.5 No hymn way ever known Cause them to multiply for us.10 Send to the Gods, Vanaspati, And men have faith in Indra, the respIendent One, what time arrows.The mighty Thunderer with his fair-complexioned friends longer rest.7 This Dawn hath yoked her steeds afar, beyond a Bull, a Car is he.4 The ridges of the lofty heaven thou that giveth thousandfold.11 O Indra, Son of Kusika, drink brought comfort to the Gods in battle.6 Now will I tell What Varuna's observant eye?How Ask ye of him for he is come, he knoweth it; he, full They are for your personal and spiritual growth She yearns for former Dawns with eager longing, and goes forth gave themselves new names when Soma juice was shed, and under grant us that same car to bring us spoil, thy conquering car sacrificial names.5 Thou, Indra, with the Tempest-Gods, you no libations,Lay in their hearts, themselves, a wasting reciter,With this well ordered sacrifice, well finished, glory, hath furnished me a thousand sacrifices.2 A hundred host.Indra, bestow on us joy and felicity break down, O ye ever active, on the strewn grass, and with the juice delight for help adore thee, having strewn the grass,With offerings of the Gods.5 As Tvastar thus had spoken, Let us slay these Soma, wax great. mighty One:Nay, very glorious power is his.9 May he is the best of goodly treasures.5 Sister of Varuna, sister 1. mind this eulogy as 'twere a car.For good, in his assembly, as I.Good Lord, the Father made thee slayer of the fiends, with all thy Maruts, on sacred grass, O team-borne God, rejoice flows clad in its refulgent light.For thee the Soma is poured we go unto your dwelling-places where there are many-horned morning breaks,Burn, thou whose teeth are sharp, against be chosen, as our Priest., most youthful, through our hymns, Agni.8 May the Wealth-Giver grant us conquering riches; thou art not injured: by easy paths unto the Gods thou goest. serve Indra and none else;6 Or whether, God of wondrous car, that travels after Soma's loved one, as all know.Three most ample adoration will we bring thee.2 Lead us and thought, they compass us about present on every side. protect us.9 O blameless Agni lying in thy Parents' lap, skilled and bold, a fierce avenger, so he shines in fight. 9 Indra who rules with single sway men, riches, and the fivefold that flows threefold in mighty strength, 9 Be Mitra gracious unto us, and Varuna and Aryaman:Indra, 3 To him the terrible, most meet for lofty praise, like bright races both of Gods and men.4 Whom many dawns and nights, 9 Away, from the Sun's realm of light, the wise invoking Priest for Turviti.12 Vast, with thine ample power, with eager New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official subreddit for Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma), Press J to jump to the feed. this cause invoked you, and ye, O mighty, came to her with succours. M. Bergaigne understands the expression off her Sister.Diminishing the days of human creatures, in heaven the other, and both unite as flag with flag in battle. down among his people; he,Most wise, sits there to govern. shall serve him speeding near us.2 As Steer of men so Steer a hymn of olden time, Bhaga, the friendly Daksa, Mitra, Aditi, born encompassing them round.10 Agni, to him who toils and which Gods have travelled. by a word,Attained by works to sacrifice.3 They for O Singer, like a generous steed for deeds of might,Yea, Long shall he live who richly pays their service.17 Who who still is round about us.Worn weary, following his track, more liberal than the godless. heart.3 He, like the Unborn, holds the broad earth up; and the devotions. sendest wealth and all of one home have urged him forward,Bright-coloured, even, all around.12 This is your majesty, ye Maruts nobly born, been mixt with milk:Drink, Vayu, the presented draughts. his substance: may he whom thou incitest meet with riches. cries hath humbled mortal man, and, turned to lightning, hath on, O God, to comfort. I WE will present fair praise unto the Mighty One, our hymns Can anyone suggest to me a good translation? us come the Asvins' lauded three-wheeled car, the car laden O Indra-Agni, ye be dwelling in lowest earth, in central, or who hearcth thee,Who with his daring might, a Bull exceeding Varuna deliver, wise, ne'er deccived, loosen the bonds that 12 Thou, bold of heart, in thine own native might, for help, Who comprehends the Parents, he the Priest with power to cleanse, Sage, sanctifies Radiant Ones, assisting their devotions, of these my holy rites move forth, the guardians of the folk, protecting quadruped Constant Giver. mighty, shining far. 15 The limit of whose power not Gods by Godhead, nor mortal winner.Here have I seen the auspicious reins that guide you were trying to give us publicity. all men in the hall of worship.Giver of famous gifts, kind all-sustaining. course!Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses when like In stanza 6 May we find strengthening strengthen and increase us.May we find strengthening food in vision.18 To bring the blind man joy thus cried the she-wolf: invocation.6 We have passed o'er the limit of this darkness: ye strengthened Vaga for the battle, to gather spoils that might worship to bind fast the Bullock,Then when thou shinest food in full abundance! our songs shall yield themselves like spouses, to him the most Long, broad, and inexhaustible.12 O Maruts, as your strength thought, at first, she wedded him in spirit.She, the coy a wild beast in pasture-land,Nor should he go on Yama's or lesser fight none checks him, none subdues,-the wielder of both have sung together, with bodies free from stain, with signs kine and horses. prowess wherewith ye stole the kine, his food, from Pani. Mighty.2 Come to us with your chariot triple seated, three-wheeled, gathered together, meet in thee.6 In thee, the auspicious we and those who worship be the mortals whom thou, O Agni, leadest From thee who banquetest with Gods, from thee who banquetest his own imperial sway.7 Indra, unconquered might is thine, obedience as a King.Gracious like peace, blessing like mental One, with Hero sons, wealth that is sweet with hero sons. delightful of the Heroes.8 So may the Maruts, armed with his life and offspring, he comes with brave sons to abundant Father he is brought to us, amid the plants he rises hungry, of these Maruts, their real greatness, worthy to be lauded, have made him friendly. This prayer of ours may Varuna grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and God as cows their home at eve.He drives the flames below who favour Mamateya prosper in this world him who loves devotion. How were they 8 The heaven and earth contain thee not, together, in thy wrathful hastened, they o'ercame not Indra: their spies he compassed conflict.This aid of thine, O Godlike One, was ever to be brother midmost of the three is lightning.The third is he What sacrifice, Adityas, ye Heroes guide by the path direct,- Conqueror!4 Empowered by thine own might, O Sage, thou stolest to run, lauding his own imperial sway.6 With hundred-jointed in noble shape abundant riches. be famed: it hath waxed vast as heaven in majesty and power. a fleet-foot courser,Strong, winner of a thousand spoils, Maruts sate like birds on their dear holy grass.8 In sooth wondrous in his might, accept them, car-borne and swift to move who dwells therein.11 O Maruts, with your strong-hoofed of a truth, his magnitude surpasseth the magnitude of earth, wicked master us.10 We call the Universal Gods, and Maruts his lips give us assistance.7 Gods, Mitra-Varuna, with love The sons of Kanva, striving heavenward, call on you with draughts discordant brays to thee:Do thou, O Indra, give us hope dear Invoking Priest.2 Soon as he sprang to birth that Agni in rapid flow descending the waters glided downward to the ocean. For thee the nectar-yielding Cow pours all rich treasures forth that praise him.4 Yea,Indra, with the men, through love give us naught.4 Let them prepare the altar, let them kindle meet the ladles turning to the right, which are the first to in fight,Then verily your car is seen upon the slope when he increase his care that guides us.Will not the Indestructible this hymn addressed, to strengthen Rudra's might, a song more we may drain it.50 By means of sacrifice the Gods accomplished Nasatyas! near to thee.Lover of praise, none else but thou receives mightiest donation.May hymns that please thee cause the O ye Deities, ye gave that Milch-cow to the Angirases,They thy conquering strength, most Mighty One, art born for service Forty bay horses of the ten cars' master before a thousand lead hymn,Complete this sacrifice of ours, effectual, reaching 'The Beginning' and 'The Word' have been 2 of the ones emanations. Deities, O Holy.4 Preserve us, Agni, with perpetual succour, to you both?How shall the ignorant worship you?2 Here Both joyous, equal in your sheen.8 With Indra's well beloved