For emerging markets, then, these statistics provide validation for the continued growth of Android popularity. for Taiwan means 8 minutes, 2 seconds. It takes an average of 30 hours for internet users in Yemen to download an HD movie of 5GB. Australia has the fourth-slowest internet in the OECD, according to new global speedtest rankings. It is the second country which has slowest internet connection. The report further shows that it takes an average of over 7 hours (7:18) to download an HD movie of 5GB in Nigeria. The statement from the Lagos State Government describes Ms Olusanya as a tenacious and result-oriented professional with 10 years of experience in leadership roles spanning sales, marketing and supply chain management, with a specialty in executing strategies towards food security, SME inclusion, growth and profitability within a sustainable eco-system. In a country comprised of multiple islands, like the Philippines, providing mobile broadband access requires multiple undersea cables and multiple cable landing points, which increases the complexity and cost. Sign up to receive emails about the Internet Health Report and Mozilla. — 11.6% faster than 2017. In Libya internet was effective from 2000 A.D. Other countries in the top ten slowest internet download speed for an HD movie of 5GB include: Further Breakdown: According to the report, last year, the five fastest countries that had download speeds around 88 times faster than the five slowest and that gap is further widening. Using data from M-Lab, an open source platform to test internet speeds, the A4AI report shows how Africa, for instance, has both the least affordable and slowest internet in the world. With gigabit services continuing to expand and 5G on the horizon, the internet is an undeniable driving force of every country’s economy and a basic component of modern life. There are two main types of speeds that are taken into account when calculating a country’s average internet speed: — Download speeds, or the time it takes for digital data to be transferred from the internet to your device, — Upload speeds, which refers to the rate in which digital data is transferred from your device to the Internet. Ghana’s Central Bank disclosed that it expects inflation to be between 6% to 10% in the second quarter of 2021. However, Curtin University associate professor of internet studies Tama Leaver said that while the Ookla speedtest results do not provide “an accurate average for Australia as such (the service is used the most either when setting up a connection, or when a problem has occurred), it is useful as a comparison point with other countries”. The latest statistics suggest that the top five are 125 times faster than the five slowest. […] is acutely in need of a healthier internet. The internet in Nigeria was introduced in the year 1995. When asked to explain Australia’s lacklustre performance in global broadband speed rankings, a spokesperson for the NBN Co dismissed the results as “misleading” and pointed instead to the AlphaBeta report. Nigeria is an African country and has a large population. Despite having five mobile internet data providers (MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel and Visafone), internet downloads speed in Nigeria still ranks among the slowest in the world. Kindly correct ASAP! In comparing the fixed broadband speeds between the two data sets, Singapore has taken the top spot for 16 months (175.13 Mbps average between 2017-18, and 199.62 Mbps in March 2019). How do pandemics usually end? On a month-on-month basis, the food sub-index rose by 1.88% compared to 1.67% recorded in August 2020. are costing the UK economy up to £11bn a year, Fayemi set to activate digital economy with N5billion broadband infrastructure, France’s Orange move into Nigeria spells trouble for resident Telcos, Nigeria’s broadband penetration rate increased by 10% in 2020, hits 43.3%, Data war: MTN takes over, gains 1.7 million subscribers, as Glo outshines Airtel in June, CBN launches Private Sector-led Accelerated Agriculture Development Scheme, Lagos 2020 budget performance improved from 56% to 77% at the end of Q3, Sanwo-Olu to stop pension for former governors, deputies, CBN promises to sustain FX restrictions on import of food items that can be produced locally, United Capital Plc records 16% rise in profit to N1.9 billion in H1 2020, Despite shutdown, Caverton rakes in N8billion in Helicopter and Aircraft revenues, EFCC gives reason for unspent N4 billion in 2020 budget, GSM firms set to rake in billions from data guzzling #ENDSARS Protesters, 199th São Tomé and Príncipe – 13.08 hours, As already presented, downloading an HD movie of 5GB in size would take eight minutes and two seconds at the average speed experienced in table-topper.