They take the Sichuan peppers and chillis and add them to quality peanuts from Shandong province, where the coastal city of Qingdao can be found. Worldwide Shopping Guide’s James takes our beer snack compendium to the Andalucian town of Granada in Spain to tempt your taste buds. Missing Vegemite? Another popular beer from Utrecht is Hop Art, a fine IPA by Utrecht brewery Van de Streek. Lotus Root and mushroom Kushikatsu in Shinsekai Osaka Japan. In some towns in Spain, such as Granada in Andalucia, it’s still typical to get a complimentary tapa served with your beer. Selection of beer and snacks.Chips, fish, beer sausages on the table. The flavors are unbelievable, yet it is amazingly easy to make. Irish pub snacks, you’ll find are similar to those in the UK, but when it comes to snacks to eat with Guinness, you’ll want to try something special. The best Australian snacks to eat with your beer relate to the particular cuisine of the area of Australia – we’ve pulled together advice from native Australians and visitors alike to bring you the best bar snack ideas and even some health beer snacks too. Deals Recipes Gifts Blog pairing guides buying guides. Marie from Be Marie Korea recommends Korean Fried Chicken as the best beer snack in Korea. We didn’t find too many Chinese bar snacks when we visited the first time, now we’ll know what to look out for! Im from Russia and I’m sure the best beer snack in Russia is dried salt fish. It’s moorish, salty and very, very addictive. All rights reserved. Throw on some pickled vegetables(yes, this is almost always a must!) A number of years ago now I managed to attend the ‘real’ Oktoberfest in Munich. It is currently my favourite beer snack in Australia. Banana production in Jamaica is widespread. Check out Corinne’s in-depth article about the Munich Hops Museum and explore the world of Bavarian beer. Glad you asked. Man hand takes snacks crackers, croutons with sauce and drinks beer in pub bar at wooden table, Table full of snacks and beer prepared for watching football on TV, top view, Different salted snacks and a glass of fresh beer, Lager beer and snacks on wooden table. Next time you visit the Emerald Isle, try it for yourself. If you want a fuller meal, you’ll always find many pork options like schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) or roast chicken, often with braised red cabbage, German potato pancakes or speckbohnen (German green beans) on the side. The combination of Vegemite and Matsos beer is unique and I would say it is still my favourite beer snack today. They’re a popular Japanese beer snack, although unlike many beer snacks they’re surprisingly healthy and a great source of low fat protein. You’ll find them in bars in Portugal dusted with salt as a favourite beer snack. These delicious Yucatan style nachos are layered with tortilla chips, fresh guacamole,mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, salsa, and topped with a massive amount of delicious arrachera beef. Throughout the years, Nice, France has been tossed back and forth between Italy and France, and the local ‘peasant’ cuisine here shows  hints of its former Italian roots. If we’ve missed any, then drop us a line and let us know what else we should include! We love Masala Peanuts – for us they’re the best snacks with beer in India – so thanks to Yukti from TravelwithMe247 blog for adding this to the Best Beer Snacks guide! However, in winter you can also find bitterballen filled with a ragout made from game, like venison or wild boar. It's not tangy. My husband (South African) loves this snack, especially with spicy tomato flavour. As its roasted rather than fried, this is one of the more healthy snacks with beer in India. This food and beer combination can be found in backyard barbecues all around Australia. There are even restaurants that serve nothing but socca. Thanks to Ania from The Travelling Twins for visiting Poland, drinking beer and bringing us back this recommendation for Kabanosy. When served warm, these crispy potatoes are paired beautifully with any cold Spanish beer like Moritz, Cruzcampo, or Mahou. Suluguni is a Georgian cheese. There is nothing better than enjoying the game with Easy Layered Nacho Dip and a local craft beer, my husband’s newest favourite is Grey Matter Beer Company which is locally made in Kincardine, ON. You might find it difficult to stop eating these nachos. Thanks to Darek and Gosia for their recommendation of what to eat with your beer in Belgium. Sarah. They’re also found in Ecuador as the street food, Cevichochos and Egypt known as the Arabic, “termes” (ترمس). Their salty flavor goes well with beer and at the same time fills your stomach. They contain salt, fat and flavour in a variety of quantities. Best Beer Snacks – What’s Your Favourite? It’s absolutely the best! In a region made famous by its food, it’s a guarantee they have some great snacks! The rind is either deep fried or roasted. Tents spread across the Wiesn with carnival attractions between and unimaginably fun chaos inside make this place many a beer drinker’s ultimate bucket list item. There is one rule when it comes to a Ukrainian beer snack: It has to be salty…extra salty! Careful! Korea has a big drinking culture, people tend to drink a lot when going out with colleagues and friends. Hi Igor, I’ve never seen it elsewhere either! ¡Salud! There are plenty of styles of beer to pair with this delicious snack, thanks to the plethora of craft brews in the US, but classic buffalo wings go best with an IPA to cut the heat of the wings. Lisbon, Portugal is home to some of the best food in the world. Like fine wine, every type of pie has its paired beer. We’ve included links to beer snack recipes and and the best pub snacks for you to enjoy.