The HSE issues circular on Pregnancy Related Sick Leave. One of these issues is in respect of the treatment of Pregnancy Related illnesses. 183 days for non-pregnancy related sick leave. I am happy to advise that the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have, following representation from the public service trade unions, agreed to alter the original approach to pregnancy related sick leave. 1. Current Issues - News Update No 6. By clicking “Accept All Cookies” you can agree to the use of all cookies. The INMO has written to the HSE seeking confirmation that this change and amendment will now be notified to all staff and HR Managers and that the relevant calculation will be made for those who would be effected. It is now intended that the regulations will be amended to include these two provisions and they will be effective from the commencement of the current scheme, i.e. For questions about health services, your entitlements, or how to access HSE health or social services in your area? Application of the Injury at Work Grant in HSE and voluntary services. 31 March 2014, for the majority of public servants and 01 September 2014 for the education sector. 02.04.15, Launch of Revised INMO Statement of Concern Form. 29.07.11, Writing a Statement / Advice for INMO Members 2011. Dear Colleagues, Moving forward, salary will not drop below half pay prior to going on maternity leave. You can take this time off work from full-time, casual or part-time employment, no matter how long you have been working for your employer. Outlined below is a summary of its contents and a link to the full text. 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PHIL Ni SHEAGHDHA Interim Report and Recommendations by the Taskforce on Staffing and Skill Mix fo... Ms. Essene Cassidy, was elected President of NMBI, Joint INMO, SIPTU and PNA Statement to Student Nurse/Midwife Members. Important Information Re Removal From NMBI Register For Non Payment Of Retention Fee. If you become pregnant while you are in employment, you have the right to take 26 weeks’ maternity leave. Moving forward, salary will not drop below half pay prior to going on maternity leave. PSYCHIATRIC NURSES ASSOCIATION of Ireland Tel: 045 852300 Email: [email protected]. The number of additional days allowed will be the equivalent number of days taken on pregnancy related sick leave in the four years and must not exceed normal sick leave limits, e.g. INMO Executive Council To Review Developments In The Nursing And Midwifery Board Of Ireland (NMBI). Thanking you for your attention to this note, HSE Memo concerning legal assistance on the removal and step down of patients, Campaign for the Restoration of Incremental Credit for Graduates from 2011 through to 2015, Community Care re-structuring - Meetings September 2016. INMO Education and Event Centre - Richmond Building - Refurbishment Works to Begin. Revised Arrangements Pregnancy Related Sick Leave. A woman who has exhausted her access to paid sick leave, due to pregnancy related sick leave in the previous four years, may have access to additional non-pregnancy related sick leave at half rate of pay. Public Service Stability Agreement Section 39, Temporary Reassignment Of Industrial Relations Officers, INMO Pre-Budget Submission for Budget 2018 29.09.17, Staffing and Skill Mix Taskforce Consultation, Re-Instatement of Time and One Sixth for Hours Worked between 6-8 pm 18.07.17, Election to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI), Pre-Retirement Initiative for Nurses / Midwives, INMO Appoints General Secretary Designate. The minimum entitlement for a pregnant employee is for 26 consecutive weeks of leave. Cervical Check - Information for INMO Members. When counted with other non-pregnancy related sick leave in the previous four years. We use strictly necessary cookies to make our site work. Coronavirus guidance documents are available on, HR Circular 019/2015 New Pregnancy-Related Sick Leave Provisions.pdf (size 391.3 KB), HR Circular 019/2015 - Guidance for HR Practitioners.docx (size 40.4 KB), Can't find what you're looking for? When counted with other non-pregnancy related sick leave in the previous four years. Transitional Arrangements 13.06.17, Measurement of All Hours Worked Pilot Project 23.05.17. The social insurance contributions for Maternity Benefit and Illness Benefit are not the same. (i) An employee who is absent for a pregnancy related illness will receive a minimum of half pay during the pregnancy related illness, regardless of whether she has exhausted her ordinary entitlement to paid sick leave. The employee must inform her employer in writing of the intention to take leave (section 9 of Maternity Protection Act 1994) and must have a medical certificate confirming the expected date of “confinement”. Consultation document: Quality Integration and Collaboration: A Strategy for Community Nursing, Attn Student Members - Pay for Qualified Nurses & Midwives Awaiting Registration. On 1 Januaryshe commenced sick leave due to pregnancy-related illness. Lansdowne Road Agreement, ED Overcrowding, RNID Section - Campaign for Excellenc... Flat-Rate Expense Allowances For Nurses And Midwives, Review Of Public Service Sick Leave Scheme - Proposed Changes, Report of the Public Service Pay Commission August-2018, Special Delegate Conference 26th Sept 2018, INMO secures correction of census count for Nursing and Midwifery, Leave and Recognition 2018 Effects of Storm Emma and Storm Ophelia. INMO makes presentation to all-party Oireachtas Committee on the Good Friday Agreement. This means that a female employee will not be taken off pay while on pregnancy related sick leave. Pregnancy related sick leave (HSE HR Circular 25/2008 )The HSE has changed its policy with regard to female employees who are medically certified as unfit to work due to a pregnancy related illness by circular of the 11th November ’08. 183 days for non-pregnancy related sick leave.   Director of Industrial Relations. HR Circular 019/2015 New Pregnancy-Related Sick Leave Provisions.pdf (size 391.3 KB) HR Circular 019/2015 - Guidance for HR Practitioners.docx (size 40.4 KB) HR Circulars Is mise NMBI - Payment Of 2017 Annual Retention Fee. 30.04.15, Attn: Members working working in the Community and Community Hospitals (all grades), INMO Position Statement - Delegation. Jan '15, A & E Overcrowding Protest on 14th Jan '15, Disclaimer Forms - Safe Practice. (A HSE employee who is pregnant and suffering a pregnancy related illness could at … 2. 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