To make the pizzas, heat a grill to high and prepare an ovenproof frying pan. Your email address will not be published. For thick-crust pizza, bake for 10 minutes before removing from the oven and adding cheese. Melted cheese can act like a lid, trapping moisture and making dough soggy instead of crisp. Try our margherita recipe, then customise with your favourite toppings. I’m excited to try this with unfed discard now that I see others have had success! If you like pizza with a deep golden brown, crispy crust, bake on a baking stone. subscribe now & get access to my free ecourse! Chill until needed. In short: If you want pizza for the weekend, mix your dough on either Wednesday or Thursday. And why just your health, Sourdough Pizza Crust … Let it rest for 6 to 12 hours (see recipe notes for timing) or until the dough…, … has about doubled in volume. Add the pizza crust ingredients to a large mixing bowl and use your hands to mix until they are fully … This is the beauty of the Baking Steel: oven spring! Transfer pizza, parchment paper and all to a preheated Baking Steel or stone in a 550ºF oven. Cook for 2 mins, until little bubbles appear, then put the pan under the grill for another 2-4 mins until the sides are puffed up and the cheese has melted. 2020 /*--> Here is my guide for making sourdough pizza crust at home. The main aim of using sourdough to leaven pizza is to pack as much flavor as possible. If you have a Baking Steel, place it in the upper third of your oven, and heat the oven to 550ºF. Combine by either scrunching everything together with your fingers (this will make a chunky sauce) or blitz with a stick blender (this will make a smooth sauce). I encourage using the dough within 3 days. In the summer, because it is warm and humid, the first rise (bulk fermentation) of all my sourdoughs takes between 6 – 8 hours; in the winter the first rise takes 12 – 18 hours. The lactic acid (by product of Lactobacillus activity on the flour) adds an extra later of flavor and the more you retard, the more pronounced it will get. ]]>*/ Drizzle two 12" round pizza pans with olive oil, and brush to coat the bottom. It makes gauging the first rise easier.