Do you have different thought on FCA terms of delivery. How to book empty container for factory/CFS/ICD/port stuffing. The Incoterms 2010 rule FCA identifies who pays for the freight charges and clears the goods for export. Erni Electronics, From that point of location, the expense  up to buyers premises is paid by the buyer. If the buyer can not carry out the export formalities, either directly or indirectly, FCA terms are opted in such business transactions also. B.7.  How to amend spelling error in IGM. Difference between FCA and DAT shipping term. This practise of releasing goods without production of the necessary documents is pointed out by the P & I Clubs every year with the warning that the liable party will not be covered under their liability policies should they fail to follow correct procedures.   DDP means that the seller assumes all of the risk and responsibility associated with the shipment, including import clearance and payment. //