If I’m honest, my difficulties in #FirstGenClassics have been more amusing than upsetting. With Brian Keith, Sebastian Cabot, Kathy Garver, Anissa Jones. ( Log Out /  The lack of face-to-face contact means that pronunciation problems can become a big source of worry which can make distance learners feel out of place and self-conscious, and often it’s a worry that people will never admit to anyone. All I want . Aow so loverly sittin' abso-bloomin'-lutely still I would never budge 'till spring Crept over me windowsill. endstream endobj startxref e.ctrlKey : ((e.which === 17) ? ndmtag.defineAdSlot("encyclo.co.uk-sub-728x90-top", {type: "appnexus",id: 3347101,size: [970,250],promoSizes: [[728,90]],promoAlignment: "center"}); Lots of choc'lates for me to eat Lots of coal makin' lots of 'eat Warm face, warm 'ands, warm feet Aow wouldn't it be loverly? While a lot of the ‘first generation’ discourse makes this about social class, the situation of distance learners is quite different. These queries are usually couched in a self-deprecating way (‘I’m not sure if I’m saying this right…!’; ‘I know it’s silly that I don’t know this, but…!’), but still, it’s a quick and easy way of fixing the problem. So if you know of any brilliant resources out there to help with the modern pronunciation of names and terms, do let me know and I’ll pass them on! I’m talking about the much more basic issue of how you use classical names, terms or titles in conversation, if you’ve never heard them spoken before. )pronounced with total confidence, leaving others to wonder if they’ve been wrong all along. It expresses Eliza`s wish for a better life. It grated on my ears – didn’t take away from the amazing performance though. window.ndmCmpConfig = {forceLocale:'nl',customColor:'#f86924',privacyPolicy:"https://www.encyclo.nl/privacy.php"}; And I think it would be a pleasure to hear someone mispronouncing Apocolocyntosis with extreme confidence…! It’s about feeling like you can take part in an academic conversation – and that’s difficult when you worry that people will laugh at you for a painful mispronunciation. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Of course, I may well be missing things! if (!e) e=window.event; I’ll say it as I see it. Right… off for a Big Weekend – it’s my son’s birthday on Sunday, and much cake will be consumed! The internet can be a great resource for helping with pronunciation of names, with podcasts being particularly useful. function ggetSelection() {var txt = '';if (window.getSelection) {txt = window.getSelection();} else if (document.getSelection) {txt = document.getSelection();} else if (document.selection) {txt = document.selection.createRange().text;}return txt;}$(document).dblclick(function(e) {var t = ggetSelection();if (t) document.location='https://www.encyclo.co.uk/meaning-of-'+encodeURIComponent(t);}); When Jody & Buffy learn a classmate can do anything he wants in his home, the twins think they should be allowed the same freedom. endstream endobj 173 0 obj <>/Metadata 5 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 170 0 R/StructTreeRoot 9 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 174 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 175 0 obj <>stream if (e.which > 90 || e.which < 48) return; The best resource I’ve come across is Emily Wilson’s pages of recordings, which cover the characters of the Odyssey. The song is sung by flower girl Eliza Doolittle and her street friends. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that this First Generation Classicist isn’t planning on sharing any particularly personal stories – not this week, at least. ( I still refer to her that way to myself!). Roman fort gifted to the nation – The Guardian, Conference thoughts – The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, The morals of murderous women – Classical Wisdom Weekly, The Taurobolium – Macquarie Ancient History, Did the Trojan War actually happen? I’m about to start a Latin beginners course and just know there will be some words that I’ll have real difficultly with – thankfully it’s an online course so no embarrassing myself in front of other students! ndmtag.defineAdSlot("encyclo.co.uk-sub-728x90-low", {type: "appnexus",id: 3347104,size: [728,90]}); Still do when I read out aloud!! Enter your email address to follow this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. jQuery(function(){jQuery('.sf-menu').mobileMenu({defaultText: "Navigeer naar..."});}); So what do we do about it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wouldn`t_It_Be_Loverly. Wouldn`t It Be Loverly `Wouldn`t It Be Loverly` is a popular song by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, written for the 1956 Broadway play My Fair Lady. But I haven’t been homeless or desperate, like some of the scholars who have been sharing on Twitter. Antigone was one that it took awhile to click and Cicero was another. Oh, so loverly sittin’ absobloomin’ lute - ly still, I would never budge ‘til spring crept over the window sill. var controls = document.getElementById("woord"); Oh so loverly pretending that all this is real. It takes about half an hour of my time – and the reassurance and confidence it can provide is worth much more than that. Related. But she wouldn't. Perhaps bravado is the answer? Lots of chocolate for me to eat Lots of coal makin' lots of heat Warm face, warm hands, warm feet Oh, wouldn't it be loverly? What surprised me, when looking for useful resources online, is that there don’t seem to be a lot of videos or podcasts which specifically address pronunciation. The website aims to publish all wordlists, big and small, on the internet, making it much easier to find the word you need. I was heavily influenced by W Sydney Allen’s book on pronunciation. ( Log Out /  What do you mean real things? { And none of my stories are deeply distressing anyway. Best wishes for the happiest birthday celebrations! h��V�o�0�W��I��#v�HU%`e�4ڪA뤪d DR���w�ĎC�n�L{8���;g�� XHL���1 d@g�+8'\KN��h4L�lNx$!�������=]UN�u�]�+:��ћ����N���OM&i�\��Nm2z�\L���,5q妉�����,+j™�(�|��Ų&a(臬����x�. Sorry I haven’t got any resources to offer. }. Aow wouldn't it be loverly? controls.focus(); She said it was a mean practice and wasn't clean, and I must try to not do it any more. function KeyDown(e) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Mopy: Well…. Thank you! ( Log Out /  If a penchant for patronising pedantry, or some superciliously superior smuggery, motivates you to pull me up publicly on my mispronunciation well… you’ll be embarrassing yourself, not me, you ‘meansplainer’!”, *and the same to you if you’re thinking “it should be ‘to whom I’m referring’”! She says in her introduction to the recordings that her goal. I self taught.. Warm face, warm hands, warm feet, oh, wouldn’t it be loverly? That, I think, is exactly right – pronunciation is about confidence. endstream endobj 176 0 obj <>stream jQuery(function(){jQuery('ul.sf-menu').superfish({delay:500,animation:{opacity:'show',height:'show'},speed:'normal',autoArrows:false,disableHI:true});var viewportmeta = document.querySelector && document.querySelector('meta[name="viewport"]'),ua = navigator.userAgent,gestureStart = function () {viewportmeta.content = "width=device-width, minimum-scale=0.25, maximum-scale=1.6";},scaleFix = function () {if (viewportmeta && /iPhone|iPad/.test(ua) && !/Opera Mini/.test(ua)) {viewportmeta.content = "width=device-width, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0";document.addEventListener("gesturestart", gestureStart, false);}};scaleFix();}) But sometimes it can be difficult to find a documentary or a podcast which addresses your particular pronunciation problem, especially if it’s an obscure term or name. 212 0 obj <>stream View in context. h�bbd``b`�$���s �� D� �ADHI9��b� �zA�z�6e�6g �rH��q_��L�Ē���@�5 b�+ ��Zc�ރX`����c@��������b``�J�g�� ` u�o You’ll know who* I’m referring to anyway. else if ( e.which == 67 && ctrl ) return; . Pronunciation worries can inhibit. var ctrl = e.ctrlKey ? I’m kind of a First Generation Classicist – not first to go to University – but I am the first to study Classics and I never intended to! ndmtag.defineAdSlot("encyclo.co.uk-sub-728x90-mid", {type: "appnexus",id: 3347103,size: [728,90]}); Encyclo.co.uk, online since 2007, is a search engine for English meanings and definitions. However, I think it’s even more a problem for distance learners, who could conceivably write an entire dissertation on Thucydides without ever knowing how to pronounce ‘Thucydides’.