Funeral Innovation, Technology, Marketing, Healing, and much more... Funeral Blog. Kubrick's Funeral Eulogy by Edward Champion, Memorial Example 2: Mother’s Eulogy For Her Young Daughter. And in a heart-wrenching closing, she shared his final words. She discovered that, after death, her body could be cremated and placed in a biodegradable pod. W. Bush's Eulogy for Gerald Ford, Henry The reason why I love this eulogy so much is because, well… it’s freaking hilarious! The cornerstone of this foundation was the deep-rooted pride he had in his heritage and his faith. Not everyone who delivers a moving eulogy is a seasoned public speaker like Winfrey. all the best What we can learn from Oprah is that the power of a eulogy can lie in just one sentence. She was instinctively a very helpful and insightful person. It means the world to me, and I know it would have meant the world to her. The following remarks were delivered at Dad's wake, August 18, 2013. He spoke of time spent with his brother Silas, too, particularly of time spent together after Silas was grown. Example 1: Mother’s Eulogy For Her Still Born Baby. Papa loved Nanny more than life itself. So, please do take 5 minutes and read this. That passion is actually why Mom’s remains are not here with us today. This is the perfect example of a eulogy that doesn’t have to be a grand, wise, long, tearful, epic event. From the time we were tots until probably our mid-teens, Mom thought it was fun to randomly stop whatever she was doing– painting, cooking, laundry, whatever– and yell out at the top of her lungs, “dance party!” And whatever my sister and I were doing– playing, studying, even arguing– we were obligated to stop and dance with our mom for about ten minutes, or however long Mom wanted us all to dance together! And when Emily was tragically killed just two years into their marriage, in a car accident just down the road from the ranch, he was never the same. Monroe Eulogy by Lee Strasberg, Maya Let the eulogy you've written help by submitting it now. //