Along with our selection of hand picked pocket knives, we also offer custom made knives. My favorite knife of all time and the one I carry most, the 0452CF has earned our Editor’s Choice Award. If you think I missed anything then please leave some helpful. Fortunately for us nuts, there are thousands of excellent knives made in the USA. return { Some of my other knives pulling field duty for Forest Service work, including my Kershaw Skyline (top left), ZT 0450 (top right), and Case Copperlock (bottom). Find the highest quality survival preparation equipment to take on any emergency. Throughout the years, there have been a variety of changes in aesthetic, design, and build of pocket knives but one thing is for sure, pocket knives are as unique and varied as ever. Your guide to the best water bottles, reservoirs, and hydration systems you can find. Nothing but the lightest, the comfiest, and the most durable camping mattresses available. Handmade Damascus Pocket Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath Handcrafted in the USA. Choosing a pocket knife may be harder than you think. Matt also participates in other affiliate programs that help fund by linking to websites where products can be purchased. var add = function () { I’m now a bit of a knife nut. Running this site costs me a lot of cash to use secure and speedy web servers, purchase new gear, and to contribute my personal time and effort. The first knife I made in 1978 was made 100% Be first to receive news about sales, coupons & new promotions. Rosewood, olive wood, walnut wood, ebony wood, snake wood handle knives some of the wood handles we offered. } else if (window.attachEvent) { It has a quality 3.25″ 420HC blade that will perform adequately and sharpen easily. The steel lock bar functions more or less like a liner lock. The Knockout sports a fantastic yet affordable 3.25″ Sandvik 14C28N blade and weighs 3.8 oz.Last price range observed: ~$67-80, More Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from​, Yes, this one’s a little different than the ultra-modern knives on this list, but it too is a favorite of mine. The S110V Manix 2 weighs 4.1 oz.Last price range observed: $101-171 (depending on model), Manix 2 with S110V SteelMore Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, Manix 2 with S30V Steel and G-10 Handle (less expensive)More Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, Manix 2 Lightweight with BD-1 Steel (least expensive)More Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, The little brother to the 0452CF, the ZT 0450CF shares the same excellent materials and design but weighs a scant 2.45 oz with a capable 3.25″ blade of CPM-S35VN. A pocket knife is not a quality item without craftsmanship that is done with care and detail and materials that are the best in the business. ​. I make independent recommendations based on personal experience (not paid to endorse a product). I love the style and ergonomics of the Knockout. Pocket knives have been around for decades and they have helped with things like cutting rope and opening a package to whittling or removing a splinter. The Copperlock has a 3.25″ easy to sharpen polished stainless blade, polished bolsters, a lock back, and beautiful blue bone scales. a crew working for me because I still enjoy making everything myself. The innovative compression lock allows for quick and easy one handed opening and closing. This guide receives regular updates with the newest gear. I make fixed The Skyline weighs only 2.5 oz. Lengths range from small (under 2.75 inches) to large blades, which are well over four inches in length. The challenge is to find the right pocket knife for your needs and at, we make our selection based on workmanship, quality, and features that you will find useful for all of your pocket knife requirements. document.body.appendChild(element); function downloadJS(script) { I certified as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Benchmade also makes a smaller version, the 556-1.Last price range observed: $110-187 (depending on model), Griptilian 551-1 with CPM-20CV SteelMore Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, Griptilian 551 with 154CM Steel & Nylon HandleMore Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, The Paramilitary 2 offers fantastic ergos with G-10 handle scales and a premium 3.44″ S110V steel blade. American Gear Guide is a small business and doesn’t have mounds of corporate cash to spend on marketing campaigns. Even the handles that we offer to choose from are of excellent quality with an aesthetic that matches your personality. Some of the models even have extras like an easy open thumb stud, cutout, or groove that can be used with your left or right hand. }; A more in depth look at my favorite knives and what makes them my top recommendations. The secret of it’s great size to weight ratio are the handle materials, with carbon fiber on one side and titanium on the other. The Anthem weighs 3.66 oz. I attend industry trade shows like Outdoor Retailer to stay informed on the latest innovative equipment. You have assured superior fit and finish with my 40 years making knives. ","thousands_separator":",","precision":2} || {}; With my more than 40 years experience, the Custom Handmade Knives I make are carefully made with all different. Kershaw also makes a slightly pricier Skyline with a damascus blade.Last price range observed: ~$44-73 (depending on model), Skyline with 14C28N SteelMore Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, Skyline with Damascus SteelMore Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, The Bugout has become a best-seller for Benchmade. I fill my freezer with meat via rod and rifle. '. The 940-1 takes things to the next level with carbon fiber scales and premium S90V steel. Both are top end knives.Last price range observed: ~$160-272 (depending on model), Osborne 940-1More Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, Osborne 940 with S30V Blade & Aluminum Handle More Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, The Griptilian is another widespread classic from Benchmade, I kind of think of it as the glock of knives. Each person has their own particular preferences… my personal criteria for an everyday carry (EDC) folding knife include having a non serrated blade around 3 or 4 inches long, a comfortable handle, weighing less than 4.5 oz, easy one-handed opening and closing (except for traditional knives), a strong lock, and a good quality blade steel with a great heat treatment. Find the most reliable, best engineered flashlights available. Home  –  Gear Guide  –  Brand Directory  –  About  –  Photos  –  Links  –  Contact. You have one blade and these are typically sturdy and built strongly. The Benchmade Anthem is an awesome tool but this novel awesomeness puts a dent into wallets at just over $400. Every knife is a labor of love. Thinking about buying some of the gear you found? Along with our selection of hand picked pocket knives, we also offer custom made knives. The Anthem has an artistic but rugged design sporting a 3.5″ blade composed of premium CPM-20CV steel. In fact, this is my favorite budget knife which earns the Best Buy award. Note, the original 940 costs significantly less than the 940-1. From tactical folders to everyday carry knives, every folding knife model we carry has been hand selected for its quality, materials, and brand. This is why I started American Gear Guide. Pocket knives are perfect for keeping around for when you need it. I’ve hunted, fished, gathered, and gardened since childhood. A new smaller version, the Mini Bugout 533, is also available for those sad places that don’t allow a 3″+ blade.Last observed price range: ~$123-136, More Info/Current Pricing from AmazonMore Info/Current Pricing from, ​For those who prefer a spring assisted knife for an auto-like action, the Kershaw Knockout is the stand out choice. Most of all, they are a trustworthy tool with strength and superior edge holding. Two green back spacers on the 0450CF and red back spacers on the 0450 add a subtle and classy accent of color.Last price range observed: ~$196 (depending on model), ZT 0450CFMore Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, ZT 0450 (less expensive)More Info/Current Pricing from Amazon.comMore Info/Current Pricing from, The Benchmade Anthem’s claim to fame is its solid one piece titanium handle. You’ve come to the right place. This is usually not the reason to choose an expensive, elaborate, artistically made folding knife from a custom or handmade knife … Simply visit any of the above seller links and if you buy anything, then the seller will donate a portion of the sale. element.src = script; Please help out American Gear Guide if you are. It’s certainly become one of my new favorite ultralight EDC knives. For instance, you will need to know the number of blades you want. then please use the links on this site. A large blade is going to have what you need in size but is not very practical to carry around in your pocket every day. This versatile tool typically has a razor sharp blade and a compact design that makes it easy to carry, easy to access, and easy to use. Most the knives I sell are through this website, so I only do 3 or 4 shows per year. I take my recommendations seriously and only recommend the best of the best. " These uniquely crafted designs are one of a kind and represent the artist that rendered them. Every pocket knife that we carry has high-end materials that are durable and high-performance. If you ever want to purchase ANYTHING from Amazon,, Cabela’s, or Sportsman’s Warehouse… even for dog food or toothpaste, then you can help me without costing you a single penny. Choosing a serrated, partially serrated, or plain knife is also a consideration. However, novelty does come at a price. For instance, the Drop Point style of blade are ideal for skinning and piercing while the Straight Back Blade is an all-purpose knife that works well for slicing and chopping and a style that is popular for kitchen knives due to this reason.