Hire EssayBasics to Write Your Assignment, 5963 Corson Ave S 176, Seattle, WA 98108 USA, Advantages Of Studying Locally (Essay Sample), Sweet Memories Of My Childhood (Essay Sample), Effects Of The Russian Revolution (Essay Sample), Why Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist? As a person who wants to initiate a trusting relationship with other individuals, human relations are an important procedure that enables a working relationship to become successful within the workplace. It would be advisable if girls are appointed as receptionists, for the obvious reason that they can be more sweet and polite to the public. Today even in autocratic political system the importance of communication has not declined at all. The floor of the Parliament or the Legislature is perhaps the best place where public opinion is best reflected in whatever their representatives speak on behalf of the electorate. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on the ‘Public Relations in India’ especially written for school and college students. There should be a definite procedure to deal with the public complaints. The communication will end with the death of organisation. Political executives i.e. We have talked about the communication system of public administration and organisation. It is the instrument of change in the society. Let us remember the words of David M. Cox who writes, “where there are Public Relation problems, they are in his hands (employee’s). The receptionists should be persons of pleasing personality and of ami­able and cheerful disposition. In todays modern state and in developing countries functions and role of Public Adminstration is very important. It is to be noted here that the process is always continuous because the functions of the organisation are also continuous.’ Both function and communication work continuously. In 1946 a more compact organisation, the Central Office of Information superseded the war-time Ministry to carry out the common services in publicity and information of the various central departments. It is the basis of government. In our country, the government has undertaken the task of levelling down the economic inequalities, spreading education among all abolishing untouchability securing equality of status, rights of women and effective and all round economic and industrial development. Sometimes, lack of courtesy may create an unpleasant scene leading to quarrel and abusive language. There are mainly two forms of communication—formal and informal. Through the process of communication an organisation works in a united way and form. Even assessment or emotions pass through the channel and this comes to be treated as communication. In any industry, trust plays a pivotal role in determining whether a business … The administration deals with the Press through its Press Officer who should try to win over the confidence of the Editors and Reporters so that they should not offer hostile and de­structive comments on Government policies but should lend their foil co-operation in explaining correctly the position of the Government to the people. 3. They are, therefore, in a position to know what the public has to say about the government. According to M.C. Qualities of a Good Public Relations Official: The officials come in contact with the people either in person or through correspondence. It must be supplemented by informal mode of administration. The communication is a continuous process which implies that when an informa­tion goes from one department to another, the receiving department cannot sit idly ignoring it. Similarly, the government publishes its policies, acts and achievements through its foreign information service whose aim is to inform the international public. It is the instrument of change in the society. The theoretical approach of human relations in public administration is the application of empathy with the public. Few superpowers are controlling the politics, economy and other important aspects and this they are doing through ever-developing communication. Many people only know of what PR is from Mad Men. The field of public administration, including government and nonprofit agencies, attracts people with a commitment to public service. It is incumbent on a government to advise the people about certain important matters like family planning, education, health, trade and commerce, agriculture, etc. The waiting of deputations on the government and negotiations are better substitutes. The importance of communication also falls to the "how" of public administrators, or how they get the message out to constituents about government activities. Publicity exhibitions are different from trade fairs. There are also attached Information officers to the various Ministries and Departments. Naturally we can say that communication is a process and the communicated information or opinion is a thing. Free essay sample on the given topic "Dream Family". The administration of government or any organisation is highly complex and the body of administration is increasing with the progress of time. The role and importance of Public Adminstration are as follows. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is responsible for: (a) All business concerned with All India Radio embracing news services, radio journals, researches and television; (b) Production and distribution of documentaries and newsreels and other films; (c) Legislation under entry 60 of the Union list, viz., “sanctioning of cinematograph Films for Exhibition”; (d) Production and release of all display advertisements of the Government of India and also release of classified advertisements on behalf of the Union Government; (e) Presentation and interpretation of the policies and activities of the Government of India through the medium of the Press; (f) Advising Government on problems relating to the Press; (g) Administration of the Press Act and Newspaper Act; (h) Production, sale and distribution of popular pamphlets, books and journals on matters of national importance; (i) Research and reference in the field of publicity, information and broadcasting. In the twinkling of an eye a message can be sent from one end of the globe to the other. Thus conveying information to the people in mass is publicity and approaching the individuals is the public relations. public relations in public administration: role and management, in a socio-political marketing context Many agree that PR and marketing are at their best when used together, when it comes to local public administration institutions there is the need for both an individual and symbiotic approach of the two. Definitions of Public Relations: The Encyclopedias American defines public relations as “the art of analyzing, influencing and interpreting a person, idea, group or business so that he or it will be recognized as serving the public interest, and will benefit from so doing. One can see films being exhibited even in the remotest village by the Public Relations Departments through their mobile vans. Apart from the regular programmes of news, music, drama, etc. It also prepares biographical sketches of personalities. 5. This is most irritating for him. However, in war-times the Government also may indulge in propaganda to counteract enemy propaganda and create morale among the people and soldiers. Public administration seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services and ensure that members of the general public gains what are needed from their use of public services. It is to be remembered that the functional aspect cannot work quite successfully without the personal relation. Communication helps coordination among various departments of an organisation. Their language should be simple within the comprehension of an ordinary citizen. It was transferred to the Department of Information and Broadcasting in 1941. While advising the public about what they should do, the gov­ernment might be accused of carrying on propaganda. The communication is a process, but it is never a one-way process. The best barometer of public opinion would, therefore, be to hear people talking informally about the government policies. Prohibited Content 3. Previously it was presumed that in liberal political system communication works efficiently and quite freely. Essay # 4. 1. The Director is assisted by two or three Deputy Directors. Sometimes important administrative personages like the Prime Minister also hold press conferences with press correspondents wherein they explain the policy of the Government or clarify the position of the Government on some matter of local, national or international importance. E-government is especially helpful in delivering information to constituents as consumers. This is a theory that plays an important role for public administrators to consistently implement because it values the credibility of any institution that is serving the public. Graves writes, “Public rela­tions involve a flow of information and understanding not alone from the agency to the public, but from the public to the agency.”. Obviously no system of public administration can succeed unless good public relations are developed by it. One of the Deputy Directors is responsible for providing information to the press about the government activities and for keeping government apprised of the developments as mirrored in the press. Radio has now become a very useful and effective medium of mass contact and communication. But it is also a very important phenomenon of democracy. In 1946 a more compact organization, the Central Office of Information superseded the war-time Ministry to carry out the common ser­vices in publicity and information of the various central departments. It should try to seek public co-operation and responsiveness. (ii) The source of publicity is always known while the source of propaganda is often veiled. Such lectures may be illustrated with lantern slides. Dissemination of information regarding the administrative activities of Government takes place through advertisements also. So, they are very useful in bringing to the people the progress that the country is making under a particular administration. The convening of public meetings is reported to the government by the C.I.D. To make them realize the value of such qualities, the government sometimes asks the different departments to observe courtesy weeks. We thus find that, in commu­nication, both the process and communicated thing work simultaneously. In 1947 on attainment of Independence the Department was reconstituted and it was designated as a Ministry. 8. The parliamentary com­mittees should be given full and frank answers to their queries. It is located at Bombay and its functions include the production and distribution of documentaries and newsreels for the general information and education of the people. It also carries some research work. Satisfac­tory conducting of Press relations is a very responsible and highly specialized job and should be entrusted only to properly trained and highly competent officials. Every effort should be made to be sympathetic and courteous to the people in both these forms of contacts. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! It is responsible for the preparation, production, distribution and sale of various kinds of publications on the country and its culture, the activities of the Central Government, places of tourist interest, and the progress of the various development programmes in the country, etc. Importance of Public Relations in an Organisation Medium of Communication. In other words, the authority responds to any news or action and this response is conveyed through the machinery of communication system. Third, officers should fix hours for interview with the public. They are denied access to official sources of information or original sources of news. In order to adapt public relations to the needs of our nascent democracy it is necessary that the different media of public relations should be so perfected that all the purposes of public relations are achieved.