Both are superhuman, but the Primaris Marine is larger, heavier, stronger and faster then the normal one. The only thing I dislike about the primaris is that they felt the need to create a fluff explanation for just fixing space marines to be correctly proportioned. 1 Summary 2 Uses 2.1 Primaris Uses 3 Resistances The Adeptus Astartes, also known commonly known as the Space Marines are a breed of genetically-enhanced transhuman warriors engineered by the Emperor of Mankind for his Great Crusade. Diving into the power armor, here’s what the Space Marines have going for them. Apple Peel. So for 30 Points of Firstborn you get 2 Wounds, 2 Bolter Shots, and 2 Melee. His biggest weakness is the lack of mobility. People for years have complained to GW that the space marine miniatures havnt been the correct height compared to how they are portrayed in the books and illustrations so brand wise they created the primaris to create "true"scale marines with further space marine minis being this height now replacing the old line of products gradually through the years. As you know, the Alpha Legion likes to gain every advantage possible against their opponent. It’s really a lore issue, because model-wise they’re excellent and from a balance standpoint, they’re basically like Ork Nob space marines, so you’d probably only want a few in addition to your regular space marines anyway. This Captain is probably going to be a big hit. The same goes for a Primaris Space Marines and a regular one. Subject: Primaris Space Marines vs Thunder Warriors. Primaris Captain . A Vanguard Space Marine is a Primaris Space Marine who serves as a covert operator. These Primaris Astartes are ruthless killers, trained to operate behind enemy lines as saboteurs, assassins and infiltrators. A cell of Alphariuses had their first taste of Primaris Imperial Fists while trying to infiltrate their way into a hive city. Early in the Great Crusade, a small group of surviving Thunder Warriors calling themselves the Dait'Tar were among the renegades of the Cerberus Insurrection. I think now that we are getting primaris equivalents to some of the few remaining 'old' marine units, we'll see the old … The Primaris Chassis has dbl Attack&Wound Stat. Vanguard Space Marines are not a single unit, but several different types of squads who perform different tactical roles for an overall Vanguard force. Page 1 of 3 - Primaris vs Firstborn: The Math - posted in + SPACE MARINES +: The Math: Primaris vs Firstborn As we all know, a Firstborn Tactical Chassis is costed arounf 14-15 points vs a Primaris Chassis anywhere 19-21 points. Both have an equipment with the same function and style, but the Primaris one is simply much better. Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot Iowa BrianDavion wrote: locarno24 wrote: World Eaters vs Thunder Warriors is in Betrayal. However, with a couple of these guys in your ranks, you’ll have a solid speedbump unit that your opponents will be forced to dedicate resources to.